DOA4/EX2 VF Stick Template

I tried searching the forums and had no luck but does anyone have a template for the DOA4/EX VF Stick for the 360? I wanna get some art on the stick and I need a template for that too happen.


The dimensions are 24.5cm x 14cm. Those are the dimensions I gave Kinkos to print my layout.

Here is what I used for my Hori Ex2.

Dope art.

And I remember downloading a template so I know it’s out there but I would like it so that way, I know exactly where to place my art in regards to the button and stick.

Thanks for the dimensions though. If it comes down to it, I will just do it that way then.


I ran into this template on the forum before. It’s kinda bad but it’s all I got for ya.

Hey man, at least it’s a start. Thanks!

Here is one other thing you can replace.

If you can get the guide button from an unused XBox 360 controller you can replace your Hori guide button for an official one.

close up.

You will have to slightly trim the inside of the button to fit.

i want to know how to get the old template off :sweat:

  1. Open the bottom.
  2. Desolder the buttons.
  3. Remove the clip from the bottom of the Stick and pull the stick out.
  4. a)Remove the panel art
    b)Place some vinyl sticker art on there.
  5. Trace out the holes with an exacto knife and cut out the wholes.
  6. Rewire the buttons with quick disconnects so that you can remove them easier in the future, when you order actual sanwa buttons.

What I use.

L = 9.5 in
H = 5.376 in

Remeber the edges are curved so that whats the border for.

So you guys printed it off as “vinyl sticker” art? I was planning on laminating it and using a spray on adhesive.

Does Kinko do the “vinyl sticker”? Is that way better? How much does that cost? Sorry for all the questions, just curious.

i would like to know this as well, i’m thinking of modding my VF-EX2