DoA4 is this casual or tournament game?

I have argue with my friend about DoA4 it was on WCG, but I never see pro play about it.
Every body love tits). But DoA4 is game for pro play with interesting and balanced game play?
or it just game for fun?
where can I see pro Replay?
or read Hi lvl tips?
just interesting to know

Its neither. Its one of the “Do not fucking waste your time games”. Other examples of this category include but are not limited to are: Soul Calibur 3,4, Bloody Roar 4.

No seriously if you MUST play DOA play 2 Ultimate or 3. But I wouldn’t take those seriously either.

it makes for good fapping material :tup:

Not really; since all the women look like plastic dolls.

nothing more to say?
nobody play Garou now, but it good tourney game.

DoA4 in such category?

Tech Romancer is right on the money. Ultimate is still fun, and 3 is better than 4, IMO, but I might be salty because Brad Wong sorta sucks in 4 and I use him a lot when I play, haha. DOA is fun but nowhere near competitive status.

The game used to be pretty competitive, but to be honest not many people are left that play it at tournaments and even online.

2005-2008 were probably the best years for DOA competitive play. If you want tips about the game and are willing to look through a ton of nonsense then you might want to check out Just don’t post.

And since you requested high level matches here:

NinjaCW vs. Chosen1

Offbeat vs. Master

There are a lot of videos around if you know where to look.

But yeah a lot of people prefer games like DOA 3 over 4.

[media=youtube]Vd0AybD70F4[/media] <-That is a match from DOA 3.1
The game definitely does have serious players. If you’re interested, I believe this is the primary site for competitive DOA discussion.

Don’t waste your time convincing them that Dead or alive 4 is a good game… it beyond good, when people play doa all they see are bouncing boobs or plastic characters >.<. There’re stuck on sf4 so, don’t waste your time. Its crazy when you can take the time out to learn SF4 but, not DOA? Some people just notice the most stupid things in video games. But hey Im not gonna talk about how chunli has abnormally huge gorilla hands, or how some characters bodies don’t make any sense the way they look.

No one said the game doesn’t have serious players; the point is the engine in general is too flawed and casual-oriented to bother taking seriously. The flaws it has really just in the end shoot itself in the foot and there’s so many other games that are better in its place. Like Smash, kinda hard to really take the game seriously when the developers are really deadset on creating it a certain way. And there’s nothing wrong that - Smash is meant to be dumb fun, DOA is meant for fapping and action buffs. You get exactly what you play for.

TL;DR: Play moar Virtua Fighter. Tekken whoops DOA as well.

Well yeah, but I hate SFIV as well and I still say DOA4 is garbage. See what I did there?

When Itagaki is ready to actually make a solid gaming engine to get into, let us know. Until then, there’s no reason to play this shit over VF if you’re serious or unless you’re just really a breast fanatic.