DOA4 Stick Art Request

Hi all! I figure I would come here for this cuz you guys do some great work here!

Anyways. I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing stick artwork for a doa4 stick? the casing of the stick is gonna remain white, and im looking to use seimitsu blue bubble ball stick and blue buttons.

I was looking for an Xmen vs SF theme using Charlie and Wolvie. Just something really slick. And I guess put my SRK name somewhere. I am willing to throw a couple bucks in if needed! If any other info is needed, let me know! thanks guys!

if you got better ideas that dont really conform well to my blue and white setup, i could probably change the stick and buttons (havent ordered the parts yet) so its not too big of a deal

if theres a separate thread for this, my bad, but i did search(i know better, being a mod here heh) and it seems like people just make their own request threads.


I will. Any specific pics in mind.

not really in particular. maybe using the vs screen pics of both characters, or even the win quote art for them. hell even a combination of both. im not really picky. as long as it looks nice, and got some cool effects and such. im open to anything really.

thanks for the time buddy. kickass

also forgot to mention, you can add sprite work if you have ideas flowing. dunno if you started yet, if you have, no big deal at all…

thanks again

You wouldn’t happen to have a template, or dimensions avialable?

ill try to find info for ya

tat: i kinda got a scan from another member on srk. he emailed it to me. it may be just my photoshop(since i was getting color errors) but its a pretty crappy scan. but im hoping it may be good enough overall to overlay. im told that it just needs to be overestimated by 1/8". whats your email? ill send it to you.

EDIT: nm, i just added it as an attachment