DOA4 Stick Problems

the bottom right two buttons on my DOA4 STick don’t work when I plug it into the computer, even though they seem to respond in XPadder. Anyone have any suggestions?

Use joy2key. When I used xpadder, it happened to me too.

Ah ok, thanks a lot!

Sorry for the double post, but I can’t for the life of me find a non-linux version that makes any sense. I think I found an earlier Joy2Key that actually worked, but then…when I set it up, it didn’t work. Very frustrating.

Here is the link to the English version:

My cousin had the same problem too. It’s probably because you installed the official driver (that thing is a pain…). But anyways if you get the chance/want better functionality, try to install XBCD 360 over it.

Link here:

It’s a much better driver and you won’t need Joy2Key or Xpadder…

^ That link should work.

Anyways, how I set my joy2key up was to:

  1. Open it up and make a new setting.
  2. Go to “others” instead of “joysticks”.
  3. Check the “Use POV switches” box.
  4. Go back to “joysticks”.
  5. Here I set the WASD input for the POV inputs, not the normal inputs. So I put “W” for “POV1:UP” and so on.
  6. Go to control panel, go to game controllers or something. And check the properties of it. It’ll show which button is what when you click on the doa controller. I “think” Button 1=A, Button 2=B, Button 3=X, Button 4=Y. The two bottom right buttons though are 9 and 10.
  7. Considering if you are using mame and your button set up for b1-b6 is uio=b1-b3 and jkl=b4-b6, then just set up the buttons that way. If Button 1(on your computer)=A then A=J(B4=Low Kick). It’s a bit complicated, if you got aim, I’m on alot.