DoA4 Stick/Ps3 hori stick question

well i came across these two sticks and ive been wanting a jap stick for a while. i saw that the ps3 stick was cheaper than the DoA stick. my questions are:

*over all which one is better. i will be replacing the pcb to be compadible with ps2. so this question pertains to the stock parts
*CAN i modd either one to a ps1 dualshock pad with its original stick and buttons in the fistplace.
*which one is heavier cause i cant play with a lightweight stick i move it too much.

if anyone has a picture of the guts of either one with its original equipment in it i would really appreciate it if u could image it to this post. or if u just have the answer to all my questions i would appreciate that also.

thanks in advaced

sticks and buttons in both are exactly the same, if you are referring to the hori fighting stick 3 for ps3… so neither are technically better. if anything, id say 360 stick would be better. cuz atleast this way, you got a 360 pcb for future use, while a ps3 pcb isnt really needed since the pelican ps2>ps3 adapter is really good. plus doa stick just has 6 buttons on the face instead of 8. which is better imo.

ps1 ds can work fine in either if you gut the original pcb out. as for weight, both are light. if you want weight, you would be better off getting an hrap2 for ps2

perfect man thanks my main consern was that i wanted to stick a ps1 dual shock on it. so im actually going with the 360 stick sense they both weigh the same and kofXII is coming out for the 360 wich will be a cheaper buy. appreciate ur post answers.