Doa4 stick(x360) pcb pin outs ? help

got a hold of a DOA 4 pcb for the 360 … does any one know all the wiring pin out on it

i try locating it manually trying each one with a ground and no luck/ or there seem to be button’s missing, i been trying for like 3 hours to pin point the button:mad: )
basically looks like the pic’s below but with no buttons just wires hanging ofF the pcb)

i got the directional part figure out but just the buttons are confusing me

any help is appreciated thanks
( reference pic’s taken from chippermonks post)

also will it work if i try to piggy back it on my hrap2 for the ps2:sweat:

Fuck, if no one replies to this by friday, I am pretty sure I still have everything written down since I recently tore apart my EX2 and Sanwa Modded it.

yea i just did mine also give me a few and i will post and if not at least confirm 1 thing I can say is that you have to use each individual ground for each button with this pcb and I will post each one (have to take gf to work) or if not confirm any one who may post before i do

Alright. From your picture, the top two soldering points on the big board are for your B button, the bottom ones on the big board are for your A button. From there, the top two points on the left on your smaller board are for your X button, the bottom two on the left are for LT, the top right on the small board is Y, and the bottom two on the right is RT

That is if your config is

i think most of the button are from the cn8 row from the pic’s
and sw 2-mk and sw1-lk ??

my layout are default
X_Y_RB= lp_MP_HP


So do you only have the main PCB?

Maybe this can help you?
I don’t know.

Are you trying to find points on the main PCB that is not with the Black Ribbon?