DOA4 Sweatbands

Odd request here.

Attention people who picked up those DOA4 sweatbands. Would anyone be willing to sell theirs?

I have two of them, what is so special about them?

lol. Yeah, I said it was an odd request. A friend of mine wants one, and I lost mine. He’s a big DOA fan (why, I have no idea).

Willing to sell?

I am willing to sell. $20 each.

Overcharging bitch. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am going to beat RushDown178’s price with $19.99 each.

ok ok I’ll bite.

19.98 free shipping!

$27 and not a dime lower… wait.

sold .

ok well. I got one now I guess… so this thread is really no longer needed. Perhaps there is something else I need (or wish to sell).

Ummmm… I have this Hamtaro coin bank.

Seriously though, I really have this, Highest bidder gets it unless this thread gets locked (as it probally should).