DOA5 Ultimate/Last Round Thread


Watch her not make the roster of DOA6.

TN has this habit of making characters (or assets/models for characters) and not adding them in to the fighting games. Rio Rollins, Irene Lew, etc.


Rio is from the rainbow gate series, and Irene is from Ninja Gaiden and hasn’t been shown to fight

Misaki is an original DOA character and is pretty much to DOAX3 as Lisa was to DOAX1 (Lisa debuted on that game, then made her fighting game debut in DOA4). Besides Misaki is a potential fan favorite so they’ll be no hesitation to add her to the main series


Irene was been shown to be a able to get into the action in both the NES games and in NG2 (as Sonia).


Looks like they temporarily unlocked characters if you want to try some. Even in the full game, I have Naotora playable right now.


I downloaded the f2p version butvU think I’m grabbing the full version soon. I can play with people who have the full version, yeah?

I’m on PS4. PSN is throwbreak.


ode to Rachel

Remind me again what Sonia did. I just remember her shooting guns, getting captured, and then surrendering to the paragon of masculinity that is Ryu Hayabusa.


Grabbed a copy. Seems to be hard to find now so I got mine on the cheap, luckily.

Any tips on how to do Hayabusa’s multi throw consistently? The command is T, hcf+T then full(?) 360+T. It’s his second combo challenge. Most likely gonna play the VF characters, but I still want to be able to do this. Thanks in advance.


You can rotate multiple 360’s and sort of mash it. Just make sure you hit Throw when que is up, it’s pretty lenient tbh.


the last DLC pack ever for this game will feature costumes based on Tecmo properties.

I see Monster Hunter, NINja Gaiden NES, and I don’t recognize the other one.






you remember Android 18 breaking Vegeta’s arm




Nobody posted the last pack trailer?

Also, NEC is finally coming


"There will be an announcement once the prizes are given to the champions on Dec. 17th. "

:o =)


End of support for DOA5 and deconfirmation of DOA6 for now.


Why would they make such an announcement after a tournament, they couldn’t have thought such news would be well recieved. It was the WORST place to do it.


I think it’s better to do it that way then to just let the game die quietly tbh


Supposedly this type of announcement would’ve went over far better in Japan and thought it’d be fine to do here too.


Eh, the announcement was fine. It thanked those in attendance and on stream for helping in showing off the great fighting game that DOA5 is over the past 7 years of competition. The team was thankful for their support. The Dead or Alive team is currently active (read between the lines: They’re working on DOA6 but aren’t ready to show it at this time), and they look forward to meeting everyone again soon.

The NinjaCW memorial was a sad note, should have been done earlier, but glad it was done. He was a great friend to me personally, and I’ll always miss him and what he brought to the FGC.