DOA5 Ultimate/Last Round Thread

Tomorrow, I’ll have to remember that.

too hype

Akira Combo video by Ain. Nice method for showing stage combos:

This game is fun to play especially online.

More entrants than Tekken at Summer Jam!


Not only did NinjaMonkey make this pretty slick Death Combo video for Hayabusa, but in it he revealed that Unholdables were brought back in the latest patch that released Phase 4.

For those that don’t know what the term Unholdables references. It primarily references a technique in DOA4. In Dead or Alive 4 you had two techniques that changed the meta-game once they were discovered: Untechables and Unholdables. Untechables were a term for juggling your opponent and ending the juggle in a way so the active frame of an attack that force techs hits as the opponent is about to put in a down state, forcing them to skip the ground state and go right into a force tech. Force teching in DOA4 was the only tech roll that removed the opponent’s ability to wake-up kick off the tech. The force tech was ~50 frames of animation and generally the juggling player was left at a rather large advantage (13-28 frames) dependent on the attack that was used to force tech. Unholdables were attacks after a force tech that had one of their active frames land the moment the frame the opponent recovered from the tech roll. Holding took 1 frame to execute off a tech roll due to the input system. The opponent could guard the Unholdable or attempt to crush it with an attack that crushed at 0 frames, no attacks besides doing a low attack against a high attack had this ability. So primarily, you’d look for unholdables at the mid or low hit levels. The opponent is not able to hold the attack, so it’s either guard, be normal hit, or be counter-hit. So the object was to find an attack that had an active frame during that recovery frame, that also hit mid or low, and also left you advantaged (or safe) on hit/counter-hit/guard.

Untechables were in DOA5 for most of its patch life, and Unholdables were removed by making an opponent invulnerable on that first frame of recovery from a tech roll. However, Untechables were removed in DOA5U’s debut. Unholdables have been returned, but not on every type of tech roll. It’s currently unknown if this was intended release or an unintended bug. We probably won’t know until the Nyotengu patch at the start of September. Additionally, the side steps are a victim to this. They take 1 frame to execute their evasive properties. So it doesn’t matter if the Unholdable attack tracks or not as it can’t be side-stepped regardless.

Personally, I’m not totally against the inclusion of them as now, since you can’t utilize Untechables you are required to know the opponent will tech from an attack. Now, you have to be careful about getting up immediately off the ground due to the added pressure this can cause (see combo video for example of full charge Power Blow being used as an Unholdable, guaranteeing a followup 6P critical stun or a Power Blow).

So technically, combos with unholdables aren’t true combos since you’re using the unholdables to reset and extend.

Correct. Its used as a form of pressure like a meaty ambiguous cross up on wakeup in Street Fighter.

Personally fine with them since I think the game would benefit more from reset situations like this.

Though I still miss the 1.0 Force Tech game.

… more costumes?? over and over and over again…

What’s the problem with that? That got a character coming out in two weeks.

Not having this on PC is such a waste this is literally a gold mine opportunity as its how PC people buy content.

I just tweeted them about this, it probably won’t influence them much but meh, better than not trying lol

I’ve always felt they closed their book on if they’ll do a PC version or not.
Tweeting their community manager I don’t think will sway their decision.

It’s a missed opportunity for them IMO. Fighting games are slowly building an audience on the PC and people making moves into having PC as a competitive standard. If 5U isn’t coming to the PC, then they should consider it at least for 6. Heck, having it on Steam with Steam Workshop support for additional income sounds like a great idea.

DOA 5 Last Round coming to PS4/Xbone next year, more news should be up soon if they’re at Sony’s conference tomorrow.

I might buy this depending on how complete this is.

it’s also been confirmed for 360/ps3 on stream btw. I wonder if there will be a free to play version?

Obviously the DLC will carry over, what i am interesting to know is if there will be an option to crossbuy the PS4 version with the PS3 version.

What I want to know is if Last Round will be available as a DLC upgrade for PS3/360.