DOA5's best player


I doubt many of you were around the Dead or Alive 4 scene during its apex so you may not realize that the consensus best player in the comminuty wasn’t named Master or Perfect Legend.

No, the best player in our community was a humble young man with a sharp hair cut named Julius Rage. Over the course of the games competitive life span. . .no one had accomplished more. He was undefeated and undisputed, he was the guiding light of the (Dead or Alive) community that lead them through some of the roughest and leanest years any competitive fighting game scene has ever faced.

He was our leader and we knew that with Julius Rage as our rock we could persevere - and we did.

With Julius Rage’s blessing a video was made announcing his arrival unto the Dead or Alive 5 circuit and it is my honor and privilege to have been voted the herald of his arrival by the good folks over at (It was a close race that I almost lost to gentleman named Rikuto)

You see, they sent me here to deliver THIS message. A message of hope, a message of truth, a message of power, a message that will shake the very foundation of the competitive landscape of not just doa but every fighting game community at large.

Julius Rage is better than you.

Understated. Tasteful. Julius Rage. . .

Greetings from the Dead or Alive community!
Random ugly doa5 thread

Their game is so niche yet the DOA community still somehow manages to be more “hollywood” than the Capcom one. It’s amazing.

Edit: I’m aware this is a troll thread but this reminded me of all the previous BS in that scene.


Julius Rage is like a cool breeze on a hot summer evening.


Loolz Ikr…The egos in this community are insane and I thought “nicheness” brought about humility lolz… Whats more hilarious is this video looolzz I love this thread alrdy


I’d docked points for mentioning Master.


0/10 cause you used this before on another site.