DOAU impressions

I played DOA3, once I got over the graphics, I found the game too shallow, far too much reliance on counters, now its live enabled you guys thinks it work getting. Is it still button bash friendly with all characters?

3D fighters I regularly play are Tekken 5, SC 2 and VF:Evolution (to a lesser degree).

the game was never button masher friendly…

If you think that DOA:U is a button masher, please find a high ranked player, mash buttons and see what happens.

If you mash on DOA:U, you will get owned.

don’t waste your money, the game is shallow crap and its worse then doa3 as its basically doa2. T5 it ain’t

dont waste your money on that shit

Dunno about buttonmash friendlyness, tho the game was a pain in the ass for anyone whoe played it occasionally(grab grab grab grab grab grab grab grab, and the worst part is you can’t do shit until the animation finishes).

Tho what is your aim for this game? Online play//Offline play? Ocassional? World Cyber Games ( it’s a different one) preparation?

I would say get it. It’s the only online game I play anymore so I enjoy it very much. If your looking for something a game that looks good, plays smooth, and is fast paced go for it. Just remember, if you the person is countering alot, throw their ass since it does extra damage when they are in the counter/hold animation or you can just time your hits also since the same things happen.

Played it at the local game store, think I’ll give it a miss.

By the way I found a high ranked DOAU player, man is he leet

Thank god.

agreed… how can T5 advertise “best graphics and most insane combos” :lol:
but anyway, doau is just a flashy game for newbs (me lol) but its alot deeper for elites, if u master it then button mashing wont even lay a hit on u… its easily the best 3d fighter… and i enjoyed it for a little while, but not really my taste bc u had to memorize so many moves sigh

Man oh man I wish Sega had released Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution on XBox…such a shame…

DOA…good name…this game is dead on arrival-unless you’re upgrading from Tao-Feng.

Agreed :tup: :wink:

It’s a nice upgrade of DoA2. Problem is that I picked it up after not playing DoA2 for a few years, and realized that getting back up to speed enough to not get raped by all the badass players on live isn’t worth the bother - I could be spending all that time getting owned by badass SF and GG players instead.

sf games >>> DOAU in my opinion. but sf games suck complete ass online. DOAU is great online. get your competitive fix. if you think that DOA is a button masher come git sum on Live my gamertag is


DOAU is the best fighter online hands down from interface to gameplay (lag online seriously hurts sf). like i say SF pwns DOAU when you are next to the person, but online, it’s all about DOA.

it’s a really good buy now considering that you can find it for 20 bucks here and there.