Doc B's S - Groove Thread : Round 2

Opening statement:

I know alot of people think S is the weakest and think its a joke…or even underestimate it…And for those peeps a hot ass whoopin is bound to come cause if u can play with any other groove u can with S too…Its all about the player and S has some sick shit to offer if u play it right…So this is for the few who do like the groove…I personally have been coming up with a crazy style with S that I will hopefully be able to post up with some vids online real soon…So post ur opinions and strats good or bad…Post up your teams and what makes ur S style unique…A by the way S on S matches are too good…Try them out in casual play and u’ll see what I mean…Peace…

-Dr.B 9/13/2002

I just wanted to put the real S-Groove thread back up and running…no offense Buk…I think it’s more legit if yours truly kept the S thread flowing…

I have some S groove matches that I will be uploading this week when I get some free time. Everyone continue to post your strats and experiences with S groove…sharing ideas will get the groove better understood and hopefully more used.


you can keep the other S thread flowing. only thing different is the title