Doctor Doom Combo Thread V2


[details=Spoiler]st. = standing
cr. = crouching
j. = jumping
qcf = :qcf: = quarter circle forward
qcb = :qcb: = quarter circle back
dp = :dp: = dragon punch motion
L = :l: = light attack
M = :m: = medium attack
H = :h: = heavy attack
S = :s: = special attack
A1/A2 = :a1:/:a2: = assist
A = :atk: = any attack (L, M, or H)

  • = chain
    xx = cancel
    > = natural follow-up
    , = link
    |> = land
    {} x n = loops
    (n) = # of hits a move should do (assume max hits if not specified)
    (whiff) = no hits connect
    dc = dash cancel
    sjc = super jump cancel
    ad* = airdash (direction)
    trijump = jump forward, airdash down-forward
    XFC = X-factor cancel
    TAC = Team Air Combo[/details]

[]cr.L-cr.L-cr.H-S is the suggested hit-confirm because cr.L hits low, is good on block, and has more range than cr.M.
]Hitstun deterioration in MvC3 is based on a timer, so doing your combos fast is important.
[]Doctor Doom’s airdashes decelerate at the end, so if you want to land quickly from an airdash, you should whiff a jump normal to cancel the airdash animation. j.H is suggested because you gotta show off your gun.
]Doom’s cancelable multi-hitting moves are j.M (2), st.M (2), and st.H (2). Unless noted otherwise, assume max hits.
[*]For most of Doom’s combos, when you follow up a launcher with j.M, the j.M should be done as early as possible.

Combo starters
]front throw, dash > trijump |> st.M-f+H
[]back throw, st.H-S
]j.S |> st.H-S

Combo enders
[](hard knockdown) st.H xx qcf+AA
](hard knockdown) Air qcf+H xx qcb+AA
[*](hard knockdown) A1/2, st.H xx qcf+H xx dp+AA

Mid-screen BnB
[]cr.L-cr.L-cr.H-{S > sjc, j.M-f+H > addf, j.M |> cr.M-cr.H-} x 2, S > sjc, j.M-M-f+H > adf, j.M xx qcb+AA
]Basic ‘Buktooth’ loop.
[]cr.L-cr.L-cr.H-{S > sjc, j.M-M-f+H-S > addf, j.H (whiff) |> trijump |> st.H-} x 2, S > sjc, j.M-M-f+H-S > addf {ender}
]Corner carry loop.
[]cr.L-cr.L-cr.H-S > sjc, j.M-f+H > addf, j.M |> cr.H-S > sjc, j.M-M-f+H-S > addf, j.H (whiff) |> trijump |> st.H-S > sjc, j.M-M-f+H-S > addf, j.H (whiff) |> trijump |> {ender}
]Improved corner carry.

Corner BnB
[]cr.L-cr.L-cr.H-{S > sjc, j.M(1)-f+H-S > add, j.H (whiff) |> st.H-} x 3, S > sjc, j.M(1)-f+H-S {ender}
]Corner loop for babies.
[]cr.L-cr.L-cr.H-S > sjc, f+H-S > add, j.H (whiff) |> st.H-S > sjc, j.M-f+H-S > add, j.H (whiff) |> st.H-S > sjc, j.M-M-f+H-S > add, j.H (whiff) |> st.H-S > sjc, j.M-M-f+H-S {ender}
]‘Duck Strong’ corner combo.
[]cr.L-cr.L-cr.H-{S > sjc, j.L-f+H > add |> } x 4, S > sjc, j.M-M-f+H-S > add, j.H (whiff), st.H-S > sjc, j.M-M-f+H-S {ender}
]Badass ‘maziodyne’ loop. For the super jump cancels, you can jump forward on the first loop, but for the rest, always jump vertically. After the 4 loops, Hard Kick (f+H) can be used for the next relaunch instead of S for easier timing. In the final (6th) launch, one j.M can be omitted for easier timing.

Mid-screen TAC

Corner TAC



I’m not going to finish/maintain this myself, so post more combos, videos, damage numbers, etc.

Hello Dr.Grammar, thank you for starting a new thread, much appreciated. below are my videos, let me know if you want notations for any of them


these are my additions, if anyone can break 1 mil with no extra meter/xfactor/asissts, id love to see it happen.

has anyone gotten OTG Sphere Flame to work? I imagine you could with certain DHC Glitch setups done low enough to the ground. (Dante Crazy Dance -> DT -> Sphere Flame?) I can do: …j.M, j.M, Hdive, Sdive, addb, whiff j.H, Sphere Flame into Devil Trigger and combo extension after that. I can do the same thing with just jump Plasma Beam H xx APA into Devil Trigger for more damage, so it’s just for style pretty much.

the downward part of sphere flame hits otg? so can u get relaunches off of that? I’m thinking sphere flame dhc hyper battering ram (modok, no mashing), launcher etc… oooh can’t wait to get home!

I -thought- it hit OTG, but that may be just something random that happened in training mode. I don’t know if they were just really low to the ground when falling but I blinked and it looked like it hit OTG. meh, it’s something to experiment with anyway, since you get a followup afterwards if your character has an OTG.

oh, and simple fix for people dropping the fourth rep in my loop: just add in a cr.M before S, then go into j.M, Hdive, j.S, blah blah blah. a lot more consistent and you actually get a tad bit more damage by omitting one of the j.Ms.

The down part doesn’t hit OTG.

One tip on landing the mazio midscreen loop ( s, j.L f.H addf land c.M S) is to cancel the dash with M mid way. land faster. Seen marlinpie do it with just f.H addf S, and pretty sure he was using that too. Timing is tricky but I would describe it “As you seen doom leave the screen press M and tap again to c.M”.

i think with these combos we really dont need more with doom. if hes anchor just use a lvl3 to finish off caracters wit more life or just one reset. if hes not anchor then a dhc and anyones dead. pretty sure you guys are gonna end up squeezing out that last bit of damage to make 1 mil and its great cuz i really think this game is gonna last hopefully as long as mvc2 so in the end its gonna be routine to have it but at the moment your work is done. work on execution and start coming up with some mixups and resets. only thing you could hope for now is easier combos with that damage. tho tbh in matches i dont use these yet. but thats cuz i recently got a stick again and my execution so my execution is lacking but these are some of the funest combos i know. and i play magneto infront of doom lol

Heres a break down of Marlin pie’s new TAC combos:
Down TAC:
air :l:, :l:, :m:, :m: (1 hit) xx :l: plasma beam, :m:, :f::h:, :l:, :l:, :uf: AD, :l:, :l:, :m: xx fly, :m:, :m:, :f: AD, :m:, :m:, :f: AD, :l:, :l:, :m:, :m:, :h:, :m: (1 hit), :m: (1hit), :l: plasma, :m:, land, :h: Rocks xx Sphere Flame.

His up TAC is more finnicky and harder to get the right position:
:m: (wait til as late as possible for it to still hit), delay :m: xx :l: plasma beam, and then the same as down TAC after the plasma beam

Does Ludicrous damage (like 600k) post TAC. Godlike

seen here
8:46 Up TAC
16:09 Down TAC
He doesn’t finish in these examples, but I been messing around with it and it is pretty.

funny little thing I found when developing a new combo concept. in the corner, normally you can only get up to 2 reps of the corner loop after my j.L ~ Hdive loop. however, I found out that if you manage to get the opponent high enough above Doom before launching, you can actually hit the opponent with j.M on the way down then relaunch with S right away. this lets you get a 3rd relaunch for more meter build and roughly the same amount of damage.

Hdive, addf, cr.L, cr.H, S, [j.L ~ Hdive, add]x2, S, j.L ~ Hdive, add, cr.M, S, j.M, Hdive, j.S, add, j.M (2 hits), S, j.M, Hdive, j.S, add, j.H (whiff), st.H, S, j.M, j.M, Hdive, j.S

the timing to get the last j.M is pretty tight. you need to do this combo as quickly as possible in order to break 1m with an assist extension into Sphere Flame (I only used Bolts assist, but another assist will likely do more damage). managed to get up to 1.01m with my team configuration, but if you have more assists that aren’t affected by HSD, then by all means go for it.

I’ll probably have a video soon if I have the time. you can also get a third j.L ~ Hdive rep at the beginning if you’re fast enough, but you won’t get the third relaunch. just for swag mostly.

Anyone know what is that loop marlin pie always do after a hit confirm? I think he jump up and down doing medium into H footdive but really fast.

I have created a video that demonstrates all 3 versions of dooms double plasma beam TAC combos: (Quality is bad, just demonstration)

The down and up exchanges should be known, because MarlinPie uses them, but the side exchange is one, that I haven’t seen yet in matches. I know that MarlinPie has a similar side exchange combo, where he does an air dash to down/back, but that one was inconsistent when I tested it. Credits go mainly to MarlinPie of course.

The Notations are:
Up Exchange:
delayed :m:, delayed :m: xx :l: plasma beam, :m:, :h: foot dive, :l:, :l:, :uf:air dash, :l:, :l:, :m: xx fly, [:m:, :m:, :f: air dash ]x3, :l:, :l:, :m:, :m:, :h: (automatic unfly), :m: (1hit), :m: (1hit) xx :l: plasma beam, delayed :m:, land, :h: molecular shield xx sphere flame

Side Exchange:
delayed :m: (1hit), :d: air dash (wait for the airdash to finish), :m: (1hit) xx :l: plasma beam, :m: xx fly,
:l:, :l:, :m: (1hit), :uf: air dash, :l:, :l:, :m: (1hit), :f: air dash, :l:, :l:, :m: (1hit), :uf: air dash, :l:, :l:, :m:, :m:, :h: (automatic unfly), :m: (1hit), :m: (1hit) xx :l: plasma beam, delayed :m:, land, :h: molecular shield xx sphere flame

Down Exchange:
:l:, :l:, :m:, :m: (1hit) xx :l: plasma beam, :m:, :h: foot dive, :l:, :l:, :uf:air dash, :l:, :l:, :m: xx fly, [:m:, :m:, :f: air dash ]x2, :l:, :l:, :m: (1hit), :uf: air dash, :l:, :l:, :m:, :m:, :h: (automatic unfly), :m: (1hit), :m: (1hit) xx :l: plasma beam, delayed :m:, land, :h: molecular shield xx sphere flame

The main idea behind all the TAC’s is, that you want your opponent to fall into the plasma beam, so you hit them twice. The second hit causes soft knockdown.

Hope this helps and more doom players actually use these TACs in matches, because really there is no reason not to. They aren’t that hard, deal ridiculous amounts of damage and build a lot of bar. It is easily possible to kill Thor with one tac and one bar with most of the cast.

I think any hit of plasma beam will force soft knockdown. It’s moreso you want a delay between 2 plasma beam hits to force the opponent’s body to stay higher than Doom’s. I will be stealng that side switch off the side TAC; nice to know you don’t have to use the air dash right away.

after launcher, do M (1 or 2 hits), H foot dive, addf, M (1 hit), land, jump immediately, M, H foot dive addf, land, cr. m, cr. h launcher, blah blah finisher. I’ve been practicing this recently, its super fun and really cool to do (obviously not optimized). Also I could have sworn in one of the last matches at the break, marlinpie snuck in a third M, H footdive before connecting the cr. m

This may be scrub sounding but what does “addf” mean? Im not to familiar with the terms. I take it that “Hdive” is Forward Heave Footdive?

Air Dash Down Forward

thanks that helped.

Now If its not to much trouble can i get now newbie/bnb combos