Doctor doom infinite thread #2: the reboot 6/28/13



Stupid site won’t let me delete this thread
Making a new one, and it’s under construction. Will include video tutorials and extensive help as well as other neat stuff.
It might take some time since I suck, but it will come


this reboot needs more combos rokmode!


I would have preferred if you hadn’t posted since I’m not done with it lol, but I’ll just make another new thread I guess since I understand how the preview works now.


oh shit my bad man… :frowning:


looking forward to that new thread!


didnt want to bump up the old thread

i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the infinite…the hardest part for me is getting the jL to come out after the initial falling jL hits…i dont know if im rushing it or what…the only way i could succesfully get it, is by touble tapping both the initial crooked jL and then the followup jump forward L…but i dont want toi have to resort to that…any tips or tricks besides “keep practicing the timing” …lol…if i have to just double tap it everytime, i will, but i would rather not…do i have more time than it seems i do? do i press them back to back? small gap in between?

thanks in advance


rokmode step it up I need doom help.



I just lost a lot of motivation when my new thread draft got deleted
Now, I’m far too busy, and it also discourages me that everyone plays doom so getting help isn’t terribly hard nowadays
I’ve taken much more of a liking to giving ammy advice recently, and I have a lot of cool stuff for her
realistically and to be painfully truthful, this game has taken a backseat in my life for the time being, but you are welcome to send me pms, and I can try to help you


Posting this for anyone seeking help for Doom TACs:


Another variant.