Doctor literrally goes the distance to help patient


Because some doctors are actually worth the money, and then some.

Some people get paid the old-fashioned way: They earn it. :tup:



I hate modern journalism, the sensationalism is really surreal. Do they want people to just click links and increase revenue or what…


They gotta hook ya, or nobody will read.



Doctor who?



Acting like yellow journalism is a new thing.

Acting like sensationalism is somehow a modern thing.

So free. This is so free, the post its just a maxipad ad.


good for that guy. bossed up in the snow to look out for a patient, and didnt pussy foot waiting in the car for help. still couldnt pay me to live in alabama though. oh no


I didn’t know it snowed in the South.

We’re all lead to believe the South is all hot like Texas or humid swampland.


And full of hillbillies. Too many smarmy, superior-acting idiots in northern states trying to keep those stereotypes going.


There are definitely hillbillies down south. Not as much as you think especially in the city areas. I live in ATL for example. I don’t see too many hillibillies but just city folks.


This should honestly be the normal and not even a story. I am a certified Dental Assistant along with a certification in radiology and right now I am Jobless because I refuse to be a part of the system that rapes America. Look up what Fluoride does to you. They have a 100 page study from HARVARD proving fluoride basically makes you stupid if you care to read. Also look what ionizing radiation when they take a panorex Xray. The one they say you need once a year…

I have only met one good Doctor in my life and one half way good Dentist. The Medical field is a major problem in this country but still everyone treats them like super amazing higher than anyone else beings and takes whatever they say as truth.


How does Fluoride make you stupid (serious question, I am interested)?


Where come from, we frown upon head trauma.



This is what some Americans actually believe


Actually the medical field is shit in this country, that’s why people that actually have money fly to other countries for any real serious medical issues.

No one should get any xray unless they really have to. Most people still do not understand the effects of prolonged exposure to wireless devices such as laptops and cell phones.

I think fluoride will eventually get banned just like asbestos did.


For anyone interested:!

Flouride, supposively, works on the SURFACE of your teeth; therefore, it’s pointless in drinking water unless you rinse b4 swallowing all your water lol.


It snows in the south but because of global warming it doesnt snow much and it doesnt stay long, and it also snows in months like Febuary and March instead of December and January. The only states that I dont think it snows in are Florida and parts of Texas, but it snows everywhere else on the midwest/eastcoast.


Citation required. I’ve been drinking fluoridated water for almost 30 years now.


I have too, and cooking with it, and bathing with it,… Welcome to the Matrix. lol.


The U.S. health care system ranks at 37th in the world. Sandwiched between Costa Rica(36th) and Slovenia(38th) by the W.H.O.


Its savage, barbaric, corrupt, inept, incompetent and overpriced. As someone who has been very ill for the past 11 years and residing in the country, I should know just how bad it is.
I could tell you lots of personal horror stories I’ve experienced dealing with the system for over a decade now.
Tons actually.

75 dollars for a single asthma inhaler.

Suck a dick America.

Bromide is even worse than Fluoride and they put that in your bread.
To this day.
Well, in America that is. Other countries have already begun removing the additive of bromide in foods.


Flawed argument. 25 of the studies included in the meta-analysis were conducted in China.

Refer to here:

The authors of that study state that the results are not reflective of typical fluoride levels in the US.