Documentary about Evo ToL 2012


Should be out around x mas 2012. Lot of thanx to all the guys who accepted to participate. This gonna be cool.
You can adjust for english sub.


Looks awesome Wolmar. Can’t wait to see it!


obtenir battage ? … ^^


I hope my question translating for mao and kusumondo wasn’t too terrible.


Nice ! You guys did a great job over there !


Hey… I know that Asian guy…


Looks good. Cant wait to see it.




Very nice ! You guys did a great job, this looks very professional


Tres bien, merci beaucoup. Quand est-ce qu’on peut voir l’episode 2?

Very nice, thank you. When can we see episode 2?


Episode 2 is next sunday, there are 4 episodes, one per week.
Thanks for the good feedback, we’re happy the report pleases you all !


Awesome episode Wolmar. Can’t wait to see the next one.


it’s on iplaywinner, congrats.

you should submit this series to srk front page once all the episodes are uploaded.

PS merry xmas to all


Why did my reaction to losing to digital infamy have to be in there:rofl:

“I’m addicted to winning”:lol:

looks cool.


Really nicely done, wolmar and team. I look forward to the following episodes.

Was it just me, or did anyone else have trouble understanding what the fuck Afro was saying during parts of his interview? He sounded really nervous and I can’t help but laugh at his uneasy giggling/laughing like a school girl.


really nice work on the editing and cuts, looking forward for the next episodes


I look damn good.


btw in case nobody monitors nohoho’s blog, he posted a new entry today that happens to be ToL related.

thanks to kuroppi and fudd who helped me bought my copy of the ToL program guide
but for those who didn’t get it nohoho provided a pdf from the above link


Thanks for mentioning this, I don’t check the blog anymore and would have likely not seen the update.

also thanks for the documentary. It is a nice way to cement the great event that TOL was!


Also, that program is SICK. So much more information than I thought. I am tempted to print one off to house at my local lan center to possibly garner interest in ST