Documenting my defected TE stick


I pre-ordered a PS3 TE stick from Amazon in early January. It shipped by UPS on the 25th. I received my TE stick on my doorstep earlier today (found it at 9:40am). Was eager to try it out. The first thing I noticed was the beat up packaging.

(note the tear)

Second thing I noticed after opening, as you can see in the above and the next picture, the TE stick box was fairly loose in my Amazon box. In terms of width (picture below) it was fairly snug (about an inch space of movement), but there was a lot of room above/below for the TE box to move. No packing material was added.

Oh well, the TE box seemed to be in okay shape, so no worries.

After hearing about gashes and such to the stick, I was a bit worried, but my stick seems to be in good quality. There was a bit of dust on the face plate, that was about it.

However, my fun quickly ended. I plugged the controller in and it worked fine. Chose SF4 on my PS3 menu and started the game. I went straight to training mode so I could get some practice using Chun-Li. I found out I’m pretty terrible doing charge motions on a stick. This being my first time really using a stick for fighting games.

As I was practicing the start menu came up randomly. I thought maybe I accidentally hit the start button with my leg or something. Then I realized no buttons or input work. Great. I notice the lights next to the Turbo button are turning on every time I press one of the buttons, however.

I read the manual concerning Turbo. It says something about the light turning on to show which corresponding button is using Turbo. Good. So I figure maybe there’s some issue with Turbo being on. I read how to turn it off. Two ways:

1.) Unplug controller.
2.) Hold Turbo button down for 5 seconds until lights flash.

So I unplug the controller (I actually already did this before reading). That doesn’t fix it. I try pressing the Turbo button. No lights after many seconds of holding it. I even try restarting the PS3 and powering the PS3 down all the way (power switch and all). I tried changing USB ports (shouldn’t be a problem since both USB ports work with other peripherals). I do note one odd thing about the USB jack:

The left prong in that pic (excuse the crummy quality) is longer than the opposite right prong. I’ve never seen a USB head made like that, but then again, it looks like that prong is supposed to be that way based on how the plastic seems to be made to fit it that way. Just thought I’d point it out.

The only thing that happens is sometimes the stick will work for a split second then stop working immediately when I replug it in. And yes, before someone asks, the switches are in the DPad and Unlocked position. I even tried reversing switch positions. NOTHING worked.

I called their tech support. A guy told me to plug it into a PC (which I had already done as well). It didn’t show up as a game controller. He’s gonna send me a box to send it in for repairs. So I’m left with three choices:

1.) Send it in for repairs. Supposedly about 3 weeks.
2.) Return it for a new one at Amazon. Would probably take 2 weeks at leaast to get a new one, and I may just get another defected one.
3.) Get my money back.

It seems like a nice stick otherwise. I just wish it worked. I saw a similar topic with a sorta similar problem, but it wasn’t documented well and he didn’t have the exact same problem as me.


I’d take option 1, the TE is an excellent stick for the money, and there’s no guarantee Amazon will have another one to send you if you do send it back.


I’d take option 1 as well. There’s no guarantee when or even if you’d ever get a replacement from amazon given demand.


I would take option #1

OR sell it on ebay. (make sure you tell them it does not work though).

Option #2 and #3 would both be bad ideas right now.


Yes, call Madcatz. They know of the issues. They should take care of you.


option 4: re-wire the stick and keep it. i know that is not likely easy (due to you having to be able to solder most likely and all, and it will definately void your warranty), but it is an option.

do you think Amazon would bump you ahead in all of the other preorders? personally i would be safe and send it to madcatz…