So whats the deal with this dodge? Is air dodging even worth it? How should I use it and what can and can’t you dodge?

Air Dodging is worth it because you shouldn’t be fighting in the air anyway because of the ridiculous floatyness of the game. The only exception is if you have damn good air attacks or pursuing someone in the air . Spot dodging is much better than rolling in my opinion. Air Dodging is prevents people from killing you in the air and it allows you to dodge an array of things, from simple attacks to even final smashes.

air dodging, depending on the situation and chars, can actually be a lot better than anything you do on the ground.

Air dodging is great, it really makes pressure difficult on an air born opponent. Couple of things of note I found out last night fighting Reciphrus, who air dodges like a mother:

You can air dodge multiple times in the air, but there’s a frame between air dodges where you can’t do it. If your opponent likes to air dodge on the way down, predict it and estimate where they will be when the air dodge wears off and stick and attack there.

Upon landing, air dodgers are briefly open. Stick an attack in where they once were with a lot of active frames and you can usually catch them. For me, nairing with MK over the ground as they landed or in between the 2 air dodges usually worked.

Also an interesting property of air dodge is that upon landing you are still considered holding L / R. SO if you hit left or right as soon as you land, you get a roll IMMEDIATELY. I don’t know if the vulnerability as you land is applied to this. You can also hit A upon landing while holding R and you’ll get an instant landing grab, so you can jump up to someone, air dodge, and immediately grab.

air dodging>projectiles.


What can’t be dodge? throws,items,and supers?

SamX-so air dodge on landing isn’t safe?
multi air dodges? I thought you can only do 1?

dodging is like buying invuln frames. so basically, if you can summon invuln frames up long enough to avoid a particular something, you’ve dodged it

Well basically, you air dodge for x number of frames and are invincible, can’t air dodge again for maybe .2 seconds, and then if you’re still not on the ground, you can air dodge again. Basically, you can do as many as your height allows.

And in my experience air dodges are punishable on landing by maybe 3 frames. Try to punish them with a really meaty attack and see. Easiest way to do this is let them air dodge low to the ground and tornado where they will land with metaknight. I don’t think it’s avoidable.