Dodging the Guard Break

So I’m going to throw a little theory here… What people do with the guard break is shoot on their way in waiting for the block, landing, then AHVB. You can’t combo this either as it wouldn’t give them a chance to fall out of guard. Though, what if you simply didn’t guard the bullet? Would that put you in normal jump mode so you could block the AHVB? Again people don’t normally time it to combo, so if you suprised people with it, that’s if it works, the AHVB wouldn’t combo off the bullet…

AFAIK, if you get hit by something and you recover off the ground, you’ll be in super jump mode. So, if you take the bullet and he doesn’t combo off it, you will be able to block the AHVB.

Comboing the AHVB from a bullet that hits is fairly simple, though. Cable’s gb is nearly impossible to avoid if done properly.

W/ Sentinel this is really hard, but other chars like Mag and Storm can.

I’ve been knowing this trick for a year now, I just thought that everyone else knew becuz I was still a n00b.

Just to bump this…

Well, IIRC, Cable can AHVB you while you’re in the hit stun for the bullet if you DON’T block it.

yup, i usually do that to the newbs in our local arcade who always use cable cause it messes up their timing but it won’t work for senior marvel players, almost whatever you do you still get guardbroken.

there’s not really much you can do about cable’s guardbreak, you can atleast minimize it by pushblocking and trying to fly if possible but other than that, none.

Yeah, against good players that won’t work, good players usually know anything that can happen during their GB attempt.

Basically you have 3 options: take the bullet, block or push block which opens up 2 more options which are: try to escape (if you have a char that can fly or teleport) or counter with a fast super and maybe switch it to something that can out-prioritize the AHVB

Storm can definitely. If they AVHB real low, the laser won’t go as high so that way, storm can block the bullet, and lightning attack straight up. Correct if i’m wrong. I’ve seen something like that many times in matches

after you block in normal jump, u cant do an attack. so i dont know.

i do know that cable can do an AHVB before u even come in and it will put u in block stun and he can just land and do another AHVB, its like a guaranteeded Guard break that needs 2 meters

the best thing to do against a good cable is to pushblock. maybe not everytime. try and do it more often yet being unpredictable.

if they bullet while you’re at your highest point, thats good. pushblocking will keep you in the air for a longer time and hopefully mess up the timing a little so they end up doing a low AHVB while you’re still high. the higher you are, the less likely you are to eat multiple AHVBs.

if they bullet you while you;re low and you pushblock, since you are lower they are required to AHVB faster and earlier. hopefully that will mess them up a little and you will still be in blockstun when they AHVB.

now if you get predictable, they can always do a high bullet , jump up again and bullet xx AHVB which timed correctly will keep you at perfect height. hence why i say keep it random.

Actually part of doing the guard break right is aiming the beam low and letting you land on it, that’s why good cables usually unload their meters on you if they guard break you.

So it really doesn’t matter where they guard break you, a good cable can always compensate for doing the bullet too late, they just hold the joystick down and when your guard is broken they just go up

it does matter. although i wasnt really trying to emphasize the height of the bullet, its to emphasize that if you unpredictably pushblock there are a wider set of outcomes to doing so in which are in your favor. now if a cable does a HIGH bullet and aims the beam low, then that gives you a shit load of time to do a super or upwards lightning attack, sentinel to fly or what not. they’ll have to aim the beam higher which sets you up to get hit by less AHVBs.

if you pushblock and he does the low beam, you’ll have enough time to see it since you’re in guard stun instead of falling.

so in almost all situations, its better to pushblock which was my point.

the height of the beam also matters. u can shoot the bullet asap and then do AHVB right away but hold the joystick down, so they are still in block stun when u activate the AHVB but the beam isnt hitting them, so they fall into the beam and just before they fall into it they go out of block stun and u hit them

If you’re entering Cable vs Cable, you can pushblock the shot/first AHVB and then do a AHVB of your own. You probably won’t catch the other Cable in the beam, but there’s a fair chance of trading blows and very good chance of being hit once and bouncing out of it.

you can do this with any character that has a instant super like mag, ice man, etc and then switch into another super like proton cannon and counter the guard break or teleport if you have a character that does it

yup, that’s possible.