Doe anyone else just totally flip out with vega?

In my R2 Rock, Vega, King (I know it’s weird) set up, whenever Vega comes up I just go ballistic. No strategy, no poking, no nothing. I just start flipping off walls, starting to poke then rolling in, anything I feel like doing I do.

The main reason I do this is just because I’m so unused to someone as speedy as Vega, and when he comes up in the list it’s like steroids, i lose control and start going berserk all over the place.

But back to the main question? Am I the only one who goes berserk with Vega, and yet wins like 80% of the time when doing it?

when i turn berserk with Vega… … I lose :stuck_out_tongue:
because i use so much Counter hits, and escape jumps…
and yeah so much poking :smiley:
and whit “berserk mode” my defense goes down…

Ya, of course that is how everyone plays Vega, I am surprised you thought you were the only one!!! Randomly jumping and poking everywhere we go!