Does 12 have problems when parrying?

Whenever I try to Parry with him, I tend to fail is there some timing I need to make note of while palying as him?

Take some roids mixed with caffeine. Think random. When all else fails just walk forward. His walk goes under everything. Don’t need to fear crossups when you can just walk under them. Throw immediately afterwards for best results.

Yeah use his walk, sometimes I wanna parry a firbeall, but walking can be safer in case u mess up on your timing.

Air dash LP (Blocked), parry option select to parry works ok

And usually if you hit an opponent with a cr. LK to AXE, you will be pushed outta sweep range * believe and most opponents will go for a low attack so be prepared to parry low in case it will hit, or else hit with a cr. MK or walk-up throw, maybe XNDL

Twelve’s parrying is exactly the same as everyone elses. The only thing is you shouldn’t really be parrying that much with Twelve because you should never be in a position to parry - you shouldn’t be going toe to toe with the other guy, playing footsies, anything like that. Build meter and runaway, don’t hang around to parry. Parrying doesn’t actually give Twelve that much of an advantage either, given he hasn’t got any scary combos to punish with.

exactly, Chun-Li parry, super 2, Hugo parry, Gigas what can Twelve do outside of a throw is a standing close MK, SA1 SA2 but Twelve up close isn’t that effective.

Same exact parrying as everybody but shotos, problem with parrying with Twelve is that he can’t punish after parrying without super/EX. Crocuhing LK into AXE I guess is the best or a throw. After full parrying Chuns I usually do his SAI…if i have it. If not I throw her backwards and go invis, or go for damage with LK into AXE.

Oh I see then. Well speaking of which, which SAs can I walk under? I think Ryu’s SA I & III can be walked under.

I think you can walk under Akuma’s SAI too. And Sean’s SAI.

But good players won’t randomly throw out SA’s that you can walk under - they’ll be comboed into from shorts if we’re talking shoto fireballs. In Denjin’s case, you’ll have to deal with it on wake-up - either the Denjin is charged from Ryu’s dragon punch or the player throw out a regular hadouken first, trapping you on walk up. So you won’t (or shouldn’t) be getting too many opportunities to walk under fireballs. Conversely, if you can walk under fireballs, you can also air dash over the fireball and hit with an air dash HP. Or jump and EX dive them. Whatever floats your boat.