Does a stick with these requirements exist?

I preferably want to try a hori stick but it’s alright if i don’t.

Anyway here is what i want in a stick:

full seimitsu or sanwa parts
a glove compartment for the wire cause it gets annoying with the wire being all over the place.
must work with pc.
is $110.00 or less

You can maybe find a used Madcatz TE for that price which will meet all the requirements. If you can bump up your spending limit another $30 or so you can get a new TE or one of the Hori sticks.

Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA for the 360 - $139
Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA for the PS3 - $129

You haven’t said which console you want it working on.

If either 360 or PS3 then the closest thing to your requirements is the Hori Real Arcade Pro series:-

HRAP 3 SA (PS3, full Sanwa parts)
HRAP EX SE (Xbox 360, full Seimitsu parts)

HRAP VX SA (Xbox 360, full Sanwa, cable bay)
HRAP V3 SA (PS3, full Sanwa, cable bay)

If I’ve missed any versions of these out then someone say. Not included the VLX series due to the budget mentioned.

The current TE sticks have all that. Though I advise you to get a 360 one for your PC because it’s more universal. The PS3 TE whilst cheaper in most places (at least in the UK that I’ve seen) don’t work universally on PCs and in some cases you might even need a specific USB card for it to even register.

He said it must work with a PC.

Ah - there’s also the Qanba 3 (full Sanwa, EA edition comes with cable bay) and Qanba 4 (cable bay, full Sanwa, works on PS3, 360, PC).