Does Adon need another change?



I want to see what you guys have to say, because I feel that Adon got buffed and nerfed in the wrong places. I think his jc should be 17 frames startup if they are going to take away hit adv. and the second hit of lkrj should hit airborne opponents higher too. Also I think u2 should have juggle potential 2. his 2lk should chain into 2lp because its annoying when your opponent can mash a hit confirm that is not a true block string. exajk overhead was needed. His should be plus on block as well as and they should be fixed on characters where theyre hurt boxes causes some moves to be recognized as far standing like on sakura and guile. Plus, Adon has no way to bnb into redfocus for a crumple, hence why they should fix the close standing recognition with him vs some characters so he can rfadc Is there something im not seeing here that you guys can show me? Am i playing Adon wrong and not seeing how these changes may benefit him?


Well … It feels like that they nerfed Adon for the sake of the community that complained about the JKs … fine for me … JKs were a bit too good for a simple special move … but the double nerf on his IAJKs is nonsense. Adon is full of character specific stuff/tech/combos/set ups … and the only if there is any chance that we will have another patch than I would in the very first place try to fix Adons tools.

Make his fuzzy guard set ups into EX AJK work on the full cast !!!
Give EX RJ better Damage or Start up or Hitbox … so that you can connect cr.lp cr.lp > > EX RJ on the full cast !!!
Reduce height restriction on IAJK by 2 frames … it was already nerfed enough … so please make the input easier !!!
Buff his Overhead to 19-20 frames start up … it was never broken and to combo it is nearly impossible … make it a viable OH !!!
Better detection for the close MK … cr.lp into close mk should work more consistently

Wishfull Thinking:

  • Make close roundhouse a command normal
  • Make cr.HP special cancelable (hello Akuma)

Imho I don’t think Adon needs more buffs or nerfs … he needs fixes !!!


This I think would be all he needs, that and maybe partially revert the chip nerf on Air Jaguar Kicks (nerfed from 20 to 10,make it 15)

clsHK was a command normal in Alpha for a reason, it’s meant to be a command normal. It’s a great anti air but generally speaking any proximity AA needs to be fast to be viable in this game and 7F is just a smidge too slow. I don’t play adon other than just for screwing around but I think that they need to either make it 6F or make it a command normal. Personally I’d rather it be a command normal because I think it opens up the move more. Don’t forget clsHK also has juggle potential too (though it causes an air reset instead of a juggle)


Can’t we just accept what we got and move on? We still have a fairly strong character, a few fixes with the upcoming balance patch ( I don’t think they’ll keep some dumb things in the game with the console release ( e.g akuma stun combo ) ) would be nice and that’s it.


What would be cool is if fhey made clhk a command and made it so that it keeps the juggle state of your opponent but it has juggle potential 1. Lk and mk rj should have jp 2 as well as ultra 2. That would give him more of a use for meter in terms of damage. Plus now that double corner rj is more consistent, lk rj 2nd hit, mk rj fadc into u2 would be a nice touch. Also close recognition needs to be fixed on most of the cast and 2hp should be linkable. Also jt should have more of a reason to be used. There is a whole list of things Adon should get but for some reason they give him unnecessary nerfs. They should have another patch in mind if they are smart because we all know that all the characters will need a couple more tweaks as more tech is found, but some characters will need more than others. Hopefully they will be smart and announce a new minor patch after evo


To me the only real problem with Adon in ultra is the air jaguar kick at - 2 at best , i don’t play a lot of grapplers but the match ups seem really bad now.

Like GamerBee said , his footsies are not so good against some characters , to improve this i think he needs a better walk speed (just a little) , a better backdash (just a little) and a better cr mk (5 frames and with a better hitbox) , actually this poke is really weak.

I don’t really think he needs better combos , the cr lp at +6 and the new rj lk are enough and really good , i know he’s not the only one to have better combos in ultra.

I played against a Poison and then her overhead is a 16 frames start up o.O with a good range , combotable against crouching (normal) and standing character and Capcom nerf the almost useless Adon overhead , really …


They just better fix him in the next patch. You give cammy less stun but a lower restriction on her dive kick, i expect the same type of treatment for Adon


The more i play Adon in usf4 the more i found it’s his most pleasant version , maybe not the strongest.

Some of his goods links are easier , now to punish a dp in the corner we can do cl hp -> cr lp -> cr mp xx rj lk and whatever rj we want to finish this.

The combo cl hp -> cr lp was almost useless since v 2012 , now it becomes usefull again and it’s nice to vary the combos.


Air jaguar kick nerf should be reverted.


I havent played in what feels like forever. But today I tried ultra.
I have no idea on his change list but I wasnt having much fun. It felt as though he basically stayed the same but lost damage/chip.
Making mistakes seems more punishing than ever :frowning:


Expand hit box on close mk, also make cl. Mk force standing. Make far st.hp red fadcable. Adon players should be able to damage the opponent if they are crouching. Maybe a better hitbox on


I think Adon is fine the way he is. Considering how some of the other top tiers got nerfed, I’m very pleased with him. He’s still fairly the same character with less chip. RJ FADC got nerfed but so did all the others. Besides, he can dash back and still get the tip of the light rising jaguar. You don’t get as many crossup opportunities because of delayed wake up but I still think he’s fine because his footsies are still strong.


Now I have only played SF and Adon for nearly a year now, but how Capcom “fixes” the cast is fairly odd.
Although Adon is still strong. He needs to be fixed in a proper way.

My suggestions would be.

Either make close roundhouse a command attack (dmg reduction if they do) or remove it completely. This attack seems to be worthless almost every match. I truly don’t see why Adon shouldn’t have a good AA bottom. Since RJ needs to be spaced perfectly.

Revert the ST HK to AE2012. Seems different in Ultra.

Remove pushback from his OH (in theory, he should be able to combo of it). Or faster startup/dmg boost.

Revert IAJK to AE2012 and reduce height restriction. This move is already hard to master, should it really be a punishment for doing it to fast?

Make his fuzzy guard set ups into EX AJK work on the full cast. Although I believe that only will be possible if they increase the hit stun of neutral jump MK.

Fix the light RJ so we can hit crouching opponents.

A2A JK dmg so be reverted to AE2012. Again why should we be punished, we are talking a risk, if it misses we get punished. But I would be fine with the Ultra JK if Capcom reverts IAJK…

Im not sure about my last suggestion, but with some of the cast getting better walk speed, and with Adon being a footsie character. Maybe Adon should receive a slightly faster walk speed. But again, not sure about it.


Lol are you serious with this?

Adon is still one of the stronger characters in the game this wish list is ridiculous


Maybe you should try explaining yourself instead of just dismissing it.


Lol, does he really need to explain? Adon in AE2012 was a top 10 char for sure, what you just did is kept the USFIV buffs, got rid of the nerfs and buffed him some more.



Lets see, what I said was that I wanted the IAJK not to be -2 on block. That they do something to the OH, which btw can’t combo if the opponent is crouching… aaaannnd something done to close HK. Yeah really stupid suggestions I came with…


Adon has already good aa normals , far hp , cr hp , cl hp , far mk , and even far mp and far lp can be usefull but Cammy has one of the best dp as aa and one of the best normal (cl hp) as aa and i like your idea to reduce the damage of the close hk and make him a command attack to compense it , but it is really needed ?

The fuzzy guard being chara spe is normal for me , if it’s will work against everyone , it will remove the “charm” of this move.


What Adon really needs is better footsie tools aka better buttons/frame data.

There are four frame data changes that would be perfect:

  1. Faster Overhead --> 19 or 20 frame start up

It is very important that his OH gets below the magic 20 frame mark. His OH is good because it is 2 hit and is +2 on hit and safe on block … so I think a faster start up would be too good. 19 frames would be perfect.

  1. Faster close Roundhouse --> 5 or 6 frame start up

For a proximity AA this button is just a bit too slow AND a faster start up would open easier resets in the corner after 2nd hit of lk RJ. With a faster start up this button would finally be good.

  1. Faster cr.HP --> 8 frame start up

This is my favorite one … this will compensate the nerf of IAJK (-2 on block) … so the link from IAJK would be easier and you get an easier way to combo into super or RFA. On top of it we would be able to combo into cr.hp from a counter hit standing fierce.

  1. Faster far MP --> 6 frame start up

So you can combo into far MP from cr.lp strings … and the link from counterhit is a 2 framer. Maybe this is a bit too good because the hitbox of far MP is sooo good … but imho this button is totally in the shadow of far roundhouse.

Other stuff:

Standing fierce hitbox:

I would love to have a better downward hitbox on standing fierce … so that it does not whiff on some crouching chars and you can use it better as counter poke.

Start up of Super --> 5 or 6 frame start up

So that Adon can link it easier from IAJK or from counterhits like standing fierce or crouching fierce.

Super wall bounce Juggle --> let him combo into close HK if he gets a super close to the corner

This is something I want this SSF4 … Adons Super wall bounce juggle is 100% useless … I would love it if it would be possible to combo into cl.HK … but only if you are close to the corner. With this it could be worth to play for Super and try to corner someone and than play for a counterhit set up or IAJK into super into reset.


After playing more USF4 Adon … I must say that there are only two things to change and he would be just perfect:

19 frame overhead
8 frame start up on cr.hp

End of the story … rest is what it is …