Does AE Rank affect in anyway?

Well this happend to me twice now, When AE came out a few months later, I started maining Ryu, I reached Rank B = 5000+bp. I won a couple of games which went up to around 5200 bp and then i just kept losing to 4000 bp. I personally think i am a solid player, maybe not against tournament players but online probably yeah.

I dropped Ryu because it got frustrating and recently in AE 2012 I discovered Seth. I’m maining him atm and I went to 5200+bp again and now I’m at 4200 bp, does the game do anything to someone who reaches a rank, or do I just fail?

Also I use a te stick round 2 of sf, maybe that has lag inputs? as i do have a bit of lag now

Help would be appreciated

When you increase ranks your points scale differently, i.e. you lose more and gain less. I wouldn’t worry about points too much though, just concentrate on improving.

Take your rank online with a grain of salt, its a nice little trophy to collect a big number of points or whatever, and it looks nice online to be “B rank” or whatever, but it does not define how good or bad you are at the game…most players ignore it and just play…just last night I was playing a 2500 PP player whom I was very disappointed on how many holes he had in his game, and I’m only a 1800 PP’er…so it means nothing as well as there are some 0 PP’ers that are extremely good at the game…your knowledge and discipline in your head is what counts…

and I doubt your TE stick is giving u any input lag…its a good 99.99999% chance its just online lag…thats why people dont take it seriously…inputs drop online unless you are playing an extremely local match…and then inputs still drop.

Well I got my Cammy up to 5200 then I started losing games went down to about 4500, then I went into training and started to figure out combos and stuff.
Now I’m near 8000 so just stick at it. You’ll improve the more you persevere.

all that having a higher rank is improve the chance you will catch a game with another higher ranked player. The more higher ranked players you play the more you will lose until you get used to playing at that level. Just remember, if you are winning most of your matches, then you are playing people who suck and you are learning nothing

thanks people

LadyxAthena! I’ve played you so many times before…

Yeah I know, I recognized the name haha.

Probably losing more points at B rank to lower levels, but if you were any good that wouldn’t be happening so drastically to be at back at 4k BP :confused:

But online doesnt mean anything so just keep playing and trying to improve