Does Age Matter In Sf?

there alot of older players out there who are pretty good at the game. i hardly see any young players like mysef and im only 17. the older guys are so good with combos and understand the game alot faster. is it the older the wiser?

There is nothing preventing you from being good at a young age. The only thing that being older affords is you is more experience which is a great thing to have. Look at players like Jayce the Ace, he’s what 15 or 16?

Age is irrelevant, it just depends how smart or stupid you are. If you have a hard time and have absolutely no confidence in your own game play, then feel free to look up formulas.

Back then some of the best names in the game were about 14-15. I highly doubt that we would de-volve in 20 years. It’s just that peeps don’t play fighting games anymore. Whatever market is over-saturated is what kids will go for. In the 90’s it was fighting, now its shooters.

Yes age matters. I’ve never seen a 2 year old be good at Street Fighter.

Dude, your pretty young. That in itself means you have plenty of time to get better at the game. If I had discovered SRK when I was still in my teens, I’d be pretty godlike right now. Now I’m only semi-godlike. It’s all experience.

Keep playing. Keep training smartly. You have plenty of time to get godlike.

Think of it this way: You’re young now, and while you may lack experience right now, you have many years to practice before your prime (around 25), and by then you’ll be destroying people. I wish I had had the opportunity to get started when I was 17, I’d probably be pretty damn good by now. :stuck_out_tongue: Alas, I have never even seen an arcade with a fighting game cabinet in this country, and there wasn’t even a small community where I lived my teenage years, so I had no exposure to fighting games.

With fighting games, I think the younger you start, the higher chance you have to become really good, and the longer you can keep playing competitively.

I got my start on this website at 14. This means that I should be the most godlike person here come 2017.

I believe reaction time does tend to go down after a certain age, and that varies from person to person.

I’d say if you are younger than 10, your brain and coordination would not be developed enough to be a top level fighter, and you would be less experienced. And if you are 10 or younger and consistently place top 32 in tournaments, you could be considered a savant.

Tbh I envy the young in SF. Starting at a young age seems to make such a big difference. Right now, if you’re actually committed, you can lap so many of your older competitors. It just takes a lot of work. I met people in Japan with 1-2 years experience who were qualified for SBO. Just believe!

Great Topic and I think Aris hit the nail on the head. Devotion and Experience…

The older folks often have more fighting game experience and some of those skills will carry over from game to game. Not only good muscle memory for doing moves, but also better mindgames from knowing what to expect. Experience also provides that super important matchup information. If you’ve been fighting Guiles for 15 years, some of that experience is still relevant.

The most basic segments of fighting games are similar, despite pressing different buttons in different games. Mixups, ground work/footsies, tick throws, blocking, patience, etc are all things that transfer from one game to another and the older folks have more xp to draw from. Well, that and having more time to conquer those performance nerves people get when playing in public, on streams, or at below 10% health.

just play & learn, you’ll be pwning in no time.

Usually the younger players have more time to devote to fighting games than the older players, but the older players make up for it in experience.

But no, being “good with combos” has nothing to do with age.

Experience, devotion, and a willingness to learn matter. As long as you can play the game, it doesn’t matter what your background is.

Aside from what’s been said, the older players do have one advantage over most teenagers and some college students like myself: Traveling options. I can hardly go to tournaments as it is due to school since most of my opportunities are out of state or town.

Age doesn’t matter, it’s your brain, patience, timing, etc.


JWong was winning tournaments at I think like 16 or 17? I think he actually won his first local at like 13.

Alex Valle is like, 40, and he’s still placing high in tournaments.

Valle’s 33. Choi’s 40 or maybe it was 39? I don’t remember.

i feel like with age and experience you get better, but plenty young fighters have proven this theory wrong…

When I was 17 I used to go into the local arcade and clean up on SF2 with my Guile all day Old guys young guys even the Asian guys lol

But yeah Old guys Rule get used to it :wink: