Does all vinyl dye have a matte finish?


I just bought some vinyl dye to modify the color on my TE. I’ve been testing it on some old mice and keyboards before I go and do it to my TE.

My only problem with it is that the finish is extremely matte. There’s no gloss to it whatsoever. It kinda looks “cheap and painted” even though I thought the point of vinyl dye was to make it look like the original product.

Is there any glossy vinyl dye or is this just how the stuff works? Is there anything I could do to make it glossy?


It should just have the same finish as the original, but I’ve seen and have vinyl dye in both “matte” and “gloss” and have never really noticed a difference.


just make sure you buy the “gloss” version of that color. For example krylong fusion vinyl dye satin black is more like a a matte finish.


Krylon Fusion is not vinyl dye.

And yeah, there are gloss version of vinyl dye, but I’ve never used one so can’t give an answer on that.


Wouldn’t the matte finish actually make it match the black portions of the TE in the first place? That’s assuming you’re painting the sides black of course.


Legit vinyl dye will just change the color of whatever you are dying, it won’t make it shiny or anything, that’s what paint does.

Imagine a 2x4 peice of wood.

imagine Dropping some blue food coloring onto it.

It will have the same reflective, and textural properties as the wood originally did, it’ll just be blue.

get it?


Mesh, I get it. But I dyed these Hori buttons. The buttons are naturally shiny and reflective. Yet after dying them they are matte and non-reflective. I’ll take pics later I guess.


On this topic they’re saying that Krylon IS a vinyl dye and that it works better than regular vinyl dye from the auto store like I’m using.

Their pics do seem like the paint jobs have a better gloss to them. I don’t mean glossy like super shiny if that’s what you’re all thinking. I’m talking about glossy like a Sanwa button or balltop. With the Vinyl dye they come out looking like they’re completely dull.


Well they’re wrong. Krylon Fusion isn’t a vinyl dye (it doesn’t even advertise itself as such). Vinyl Dye soaks into the plastic, the Krylon coats it like regular spray paint.

But it does work pretty well, you might give it a try. I’ve used it with good results. I used a matte though. I ended up using a clear coat to get a more glossy finish afterwards.

Btw, what vinyl dye are you using? There seem to be plenty out there that advertise glossy, maybe yours just isn’t doing the job correctly.

Also, these are two helpful links referenced in another painting thread about both fusion and vinyl dye.

edit After browsing some other forums the general consensus is that Krylong gives a better shine than most vinyl dye, so you might want to try that.

I don’t know how close you’re going to get to something as smooth as the balltop though. You’re still putting a layer on top of it, so you’ll loose a little of that gloss.