Does an Arcade Stick make a difference?

Well, i just recently for SSF4 for the ps3
and im wondering is there any really really really good pros out there who play with the dpad?
and if the Arcade Stick make the difference between a person who can be the best and just being pro?

Vangief is a pad player
Used to say u have to use Arcade Stick to get good but Vangief made me think otherwise. Whatever you perform best with (but def try out stick first) as they def has its pros.

Why? Why, why, why, why, why, why?

lol im considering in buying an arcade stick cus i’ve always loved fighting games
but never really got into it competitively until now (well im trying to anyways :D)

If you can get a stick, get one then. Try the stick and try the pad. Play what feels most comfortable to you. I’m a pad player and I can play stick as well but no where as good as I am on the pad.

The only game I can truly play a stick on is Marvel vs Capcom 2 due to me playing it on the arcade for so much. Whatever works best for you, use it. Who cares what people say. Try both for sure though to find your feel.

As someone who made the switch I can say it was definitely worth it and it made a huge difference.

I have never regretted it and now I have about 5 sticks.

the only ‘real’ benefit stick players have over pads is that they can play them 1-handed [media=youtube]Hes3fygXP5g[/media]

Sticks are better if you main charge characters exclusively. But if you play a variety of characters, there’s really no real difference. Use what you’re comfortable with.

it can. you’ll get the arcade experience. get one, you won’t regret it.

Inthul is a pad player and he beat Sanford.

really its a preference thing. The only advantage of playing a stick over pad is the one handed thing mentioned before and the fact that most arcades dont offer pad for their fighting games

The real advantage to playing on pad is speed, since it’s more or less physically impossible to react as fast on a stick. That being said, you don’t need to be very fast for SSF4, and I think the accuracy on stick definitely is worth the learning time. Shizza and Vangeif did make top 8 this year at EVO, so it’s definitely possible to get there, but I think numbers are in stick’s favor.

Also, it’s personal preference, but I think it’s more fun on stick.

How many of these dumb stick/pad threads do we get in a month? I wonder if someone keeps track.

“Oh, I don’t know how to make personal decisions and what’s best for me so I gotta make a thread about it durr hurr”

yeah its all preference man. play on what you enjoy most. i played a lot of fighters in the arcade and i enjoyed playing on stick a lot. when i go home and play i had to play on pad when i was younger. i thought it was ok but to me arcade sticks are fun to play on so eventually i invested money on one. worth it imo, if you like sticks to me it made fighters more fun dunno why. pad feels meh. i even play megaman games on stick lolz.

i dunno about pad having advantage on speed. my fat thumbs are to slow. i feel that my wrist and fingers react faster then my thumbs on the pad.

Button layout makes a difference. go for the convenient one and have 6 face buttons. Everything else is up to you.

“The real advantage to playing on pad is speed, since it’s more or less physically impossible to react as fast on a stick”

What??? this is def not true. anyway…

There isn’t that much of a difference from stick to pad but if you learn stick you don’t have to learn how to use the different pads on other systems.

YEAH WELL (insert unpopular pad player) BEAT (insert top player) SO PADS ARE PROBABLY PRETTY GOOD OR SOMETHING I THINK.

Just make sure that “try” doesn’t just mean a quick try, since it can take a long time to get used to stick.

Anyway, sticks are cool. They make clicky noises. You can build them yourself and choose different parts/brands.
It’s part of the fighting game culture.
Also, 6-button fighters are hell on pads imo.

I’m used to the arcade stick and the only advantages i feel that it gives you is the ability to p-link easily and possibly playing charge characters.