Does any 1 have this wireless sf4 stick?

i was wondering has any 1 purchased this stick i cant find any reviews.

i was thinking of getting that stick, but I went with the original madcatz te. You don’t even know if you’re getting premium parts with that one. It has a pricey tag on it but man. Wish they could show you the inside to see if you’re getting good arcade parts. What if the buttons or joystick go bad? Do they cover that with a warranty?

I e-mailed them a bit ago and if I recall correctly they said they use happ buttons. I deleted the email though. THey also said you can return it but there is a restocking fee. Seemed like an ok stick. I was able to find the madcatz TE stick though so I went with that. So far no regrets though coming from xbox dpad to a stick is a learning experience. It’s tough.

Hope it helps. I did not inquire about the actual stick part. So not sure. I’d assume happ (if there is a thing) Just email them. THey answered pretty quick… took a day or two I believe.

yeah it’s different coming from a pad…i was a pad user, my fingers were like ok fast on there, but now coming to a stick, wayyyyy different, so I’m trying to train myself now.

i think its 90 days an i wish i could find a te stick in a store, also if any knows more about this stick or owns 1 please post

There is no way that thing has Happ buttons in it. The shell is way to short to hold anything Happ produces.

$170? really? That doesn’t look anywhere as good as a TE stick or a HRAP and both are better priced.

You really have to question the quality of the parts used on the inside, the inside layout and what kind of buttons/stick are used. Since they’ve neglected to mention any brand names in their desription I would assume that the components used are no-name knockoffs. Be wary.

This stick definatley doesn’t use Sanwa/Happ parts.

I know someone who has one of these and the feel of the buttons/ stick is the same as the one in this link:

$170 is way too high for this. You should be able to find it elsewhere for a lot less then that if you want one.

[EDIT] On another note, the buttons are soldered directly to the PCB so it’s not as mod friendly as the TE.

yea ill pass on it

it uses hori parts.

hori. thats what I meant

Put on a sf4 sticker and double the price anyone? Maybe they are just using the same box but it looks pretty much the same

well this 1 is wireless though. and just got me a te stick so i dont need this 1 now