Does any one have any experience with these sticks?

I have been looking to ps2 sticks but I’m not sure what to do because there aren’t many that are online to buy (I don’t think I could make my own), but I found a few that looking interesting. (also suggestions are welcomed)

Well I’m not looking for THE BEST, but I’m just trying to find a decent one that may easily be modded.

Thanks (Was this the right place to ask? Sorry I’m new)

I have the second one. The universal ps2/ps3/pc mayflash.

I got it when I first started with sticks as I wanted to buy a cheap stick. It works ok but the buttons and stick are really bad. I can be modded tho it is not as easy as an se or a te because it requires some soldering.

If you know how to solder the mayflash would be good but I would just buy an SE and mod it as it is only a little bit more expensive (unless you don’t have soldering tools and such already then it will be cheaper in the long run) and is a hell of a lot easier to mod.

Here is a link for help with modding the mayflash if you decide to get it.!-1-18-2009)

Wait, is it possible to mod the SE for the PS2? Sorry for asking, but where can I find a guide for that?

Thank You very much

this is an mc cuthlu + rj45 tutorial guide for a se 360 version. would make the stick work with x360,ps3/2, xbox1, gc/wii and pc.
If you don’t do the rj45 part of the mod you can just have a ps2 cord sticking out and get adapters.

This is the link to the sticky right above that has all the guides in it you could ever really need. P.S make sure to read the stickies they are really useful.!%

You could also check out the trading forum if you want to get someone to do the mod for you.

I recommend this guy. He did my hrap for me (with the same mc cuthlu and rj45) and is very professional.

for more info on what an mc cuthlu and chimp are read this post.!

Thank You very much!
I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile: