Does any one have mopremes link combo video

does any one have mopremes link combo video
because when i look up in his old link it brings me to cross wind asking me if i want to pay to join.

im talking about total ryu and the link combo videos with every one in it.

if any one does please post or my aim is loborine01

I have it but I can’t get it to you. This is how I got it:

Use MIRC, Efnet. #gamecombos. Get on streakSRM 's fileserver. I think it’s under the directory. You can go to for more info.

do you have aim mercury because you can send it from there or wat do i type in the search in karathrow.ocm

hey man i got Mirc but i dont know how to get the file can you post wat i can do i know its runing

yeah i’m curious but did mopreme’s close his site down or something?

i got in direct connect, i could try sending it to you by aim just add me melphice84