Does anybody else wish more 3d game devs let you see vids of their mo-cap sessions?


It’s nice that you can find a lot of Capcom’s motion capture sessions as extras in collector’s editions (I think) of their games, and they’re fun to watch, but am I the only one who wishes there was footage available from other companies, like Namco (Tekken, Soul Calibur), Sega (Bayonetta), and others?


I have a friend who does a lot of mo cap, so I get to see some behind the scenes footage that never gets released. My Sifu also did some for Nokia fighter called One, there are few behind the scenes of vids and interviews on youtube - [media=youtube]YbDBuzY8lWY&feature=related[/media]

  • [media=youtube]QRTC-ykSr0M&feature=related[/media]

Several parts on mo-cap - [media=youtube]zWo7Uc2MMLk]YouTube - Tommy Carruthers In ONE - Part 1 [N-GAGE 2.0[/media]

I’ve always wanted to see who did Jann Lee in DOA, whoever that was deserves a thumbs up :tup:


Holy crap that has some nice graphics. N-gage specs seem to have come pretty far since I last looked at their games.


just changed the video I linked cos that one was pretty boring imo, replaced with a really funny one all about the motion capture :bgrin:

Yeh, I was surprised when I first saw it, no idea how the game plays though


Just came across this video, facial motion capture for the new LA Noire game - The Story Behind LA Noire’s Creepy-Real Faces