Does anybody get BSOD's with the Super Joy Box 3 Pro?


for the past two weeks, i have noticed that my computer starts bsod’ing whenever i have my super joy box pro plugged in. at first, the computer only bsod’ed when i would randomly switch out my different controllers. but yesterday, i got 4 blue screeens of death at random. all due to the super joy box pro. i checked to see if it was wasting any resources, as i do have the driver installed. but that’s not the problem really. my converter was working perfectly fine for the first two months i had it, but im afraid my converter has gone bonkers.


I have the Mayflash Super Joy Box 3 Pro.
Nothing like you happen to me.


i should also mention that i have dropped the usb into Sprite. I sucked up all the soda to prevent stickiness, then dried it quickly.




sorry my cat typed that^

but yes. this problem still persists.

i got a new computer within the past two years. it seems that it still BSOD’s a computer when the device is moved while plugged in.

however, the device isn’t always recognized when plugged into a computer. it also has to have the disc installed onto the computer, otherwise you cannot use it