Does anybody have a tier list for Street Fighter 1?

Hi guys im new to this forum and i want to get into the elite circle of competitive gaming and figured i would like to start with the first street fighter game. Does anybody have a tier list so i can know who to use and how to be awesome and stuff?

… what a great 1st post.

He must be trolling. No one is that stupid. Fake new account by some verteran I’d guess.

I got news for ya. Street Fighter 1 kinda sucks.

pressure sensitive buttons FTW!

Ryu is top tier, ken on the other hand…

I thought it was common knowledge that an unlockable character called Sheng Long was the top tier in Street Fighter 1.

ken and ryu are both top tier…you sir, however, are bottom tier :confused:

You take your self to seriously mate. It was a joke and a piss-take on an absurd thread.

What about time killers? I like that game too and i really wanna get into it, does anybody have a tier list for that?

Yo dude… theres only 2 playable characters in street fighter 1 and they are EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME!!! THERE ARE NO TIERS IN STREET FIGHTER 1!!! WTF HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED THE GAME?! FOR DEAR LORDS SAKE!!!

Don’t feed the troll, kids. The zoo keeps them on a strict diet.

r9delta is SS+ troll tier.

lol, just when I thought the SFIV forum was becoming a minefield of locks.

r9delta is going for the record of quickest ban

I think you give me too much credit. I would say the circle jerking shoryuken community is more so in the F- tier in learning how how to deal with a troll rather than just me being a good one. Just my opinion.

…and yes i’m willing to admit that but even so most of you are stupid enough where even if I outright say it you’ll still “feed the troll” regardless. shrugs

lol thread title made me laugh

just ryu and ken and they are exactly the same

btw in before close

Circle-jerk? You mean like, “looks at date registered


Gratz on trolling, btw. NB4L

Case in point. In any case if anybody would like to actually add anything intelligent to the question please feel free to let me know as I’d really like to get into Street Fighter 1 but I want to get the community’s go ahead on which character I should use so I can be awesome like you guys.