Does anybody have any experience with


I ordered some panels from them over a week ago and the status of the order has been “processing” ever since. They have been very slow/non-responsive. Wondering if this is a fluke or a common experience with this place because I have planned to do more ordering from them in the future but will need to find a different source for panels if this is the norm.


that site is ran by a srk member you should be fine they usually respond pretty fast to emails


highly recommended. they sell some stuff that other sites dont sell.

it may be a bit slow since its located in japan, but eventually your stuff will get shipped.


Ive ordered from them before and they are very good. I would reply to the thread in the Tech talk thread. They usually get back fairly quickly


yea, they’re good people. I haven’t ordered recently but I’ve never had problems with them.


TheRealNeoGeo aka Per has a thread here:


AkihabaraShop is my absolute favorite place to order parts. They are definitely legit. Choose EMS if you want fast shipping. Airmail may take up to a couple of weeks.


Besides Lizardlicks, Akihibara is one of the best places to shop for parts.


Hell ya. Both Per and LL are great to order from.


It is a great store for parts. Last time I got the wrong items from them so they let me keep the parts and resend my items.


Hmm, it seems my experience is unique.

My problem isnt the shipping time, it’s getting them to even ship my order. I ordered over a week ago and they haven’t shipped it yet. Takes 2-3 days for them to respond to emails.


If you guys didnt know…

The shop is run by one person.

He waits till a certain amount in transactions have accumulated. He then forwards the order to sanwa. They ship everything from japan. Per(the owner) lives in a different country.


TheRealNeoGeo is in Sweden.
His Partner is in Japan.