Does anybody have the recovery frame data


im trying to link combos and i don’t have the recovery frame data

does know where i can get recovery data for all the characters.


What does this even mean?


I think he means (but doesn’t realise) only some combos can only be completed on CH. What I don’t understand is why the guide, or on avoiding the puddle frame data guide there is no start up, active and recovery frames for each move, just if it is + or- frames on hit or block. How do we know how to punish effectively or what moves to use after an opponents move whiffs if we don’t have any of this data anywhere?


:eek: At the risk of sounding like a total ass, you find out how to punish by using training mode.

AvoidingThePuddle seems to have a good deal of frame data that contains startup frames. Active frames don’t matter terribly much (hitting meaty is very difficult to do) and the recovery is equally as negligible, if not moreso; you either want to hit with a move or have it blocked…if you whiff, you’re going to die no matter what move you used so that data’s not as important as it is in most other games.

Of course these are generalizations, but I promise the important bits are 1] startup (impact) frames, 2] whether something is 2a] + on block or 2b] - on hit, 3] NC strings and 4] NCc strings. Just that much is a ton of info to digest already for all the characters and all their moves.

Combos in this game don’t really work off the link format that SFIV does. Just as a basic bit of information, combos consist of natural combos (NC) that you can do on a standing opponent (e.g.; Asuka 2, 3), natural combos on counterhit (NCc) that you can do on a standing opponent (e.g.; Michelle 1, 1, 1) and juggles while an opponent is airborne (e.g.; Jun b+2, 1, 4). You can also combo into and out of stuns, including wallsplats (e.g.; Leo CH KNK 2 – this move causes a crumple stun on counterhit and Leo can combo from here).

AvoidingThePuddle has data for a good number of moves for everyone, but not everything yet. For now, I would recommend experimenting with your strings and seeing what’s NC and what’s NCc. Keep in mind some strings aren’t even NCc and will only fully connect in juggles, wall combos or tag combos.