Does anybody here work in Best Buy customer service?


If so, could you pm me? I have a question. I bought something for my son there and they’re trying to pull an okey doke on me. I’m kind of unsure how to proceed.



Why not just give a summary? I’m sure people could probably offer advice on that alone.


The way I see it, the second you stepped into Worst Buy, you already got hosed. Sorry, man. I hate that place so much.


Yeah. I do too. But I still got a problem to solve.

If you hate them, where do you shop, E?


Amazon, mostly. Otherwise, I’ll go almost anywhere else before I go there.


I’d recommend throwing that ish up on here. There are a lot of general ways to get what you want, especially when it’s a store that spells expensive merchandise.


Basically it’s like this. I’m in the hospital. A 360 was purchased for meany my friends. We were going to leave it here so people could use it in the childrens ward. It was purchased via best buy dot com. We get it and I get released. the hospital tells us we can’t leave it but that if we donate the money then they could buy one. I don’t know the logic behind that but whatever.

So I go to take it back and I’m told the serial number they have on file and the one in the box are different. We never opened it. My boy got it and said they never scanned the serial number when he saw the guy go get the xbox off the floor an nothing was scanned at check out besides the piece of paper that the online orders come on. Now they’re saying we can’t return it at all. I don’t know what the issue is or how this happened but I’m pissed. The thing is still sealed. There is no serial number in the reciept.

Anybody have any suggestions that works at BB?


yeah worstbuy employee sucks. he probably doesnt know what he is doing or how to do the refund from online purchase or whatever. if there is no serial number on the recipt then they HAVE to take it back. be a douchebag and call the cops and make a scene or something. of course try talking to the manager first.


What I’m wondering is how they’re saying it doesn’t match. I know they scan the serial number when you buy it normally. It has to be the same right? They wouldn’t show me where the serials mismatched either.


Honestly, as much as I hate to do this, make a scene. It’s stupid and annoying, but when they try to fuck you over for no reason with no actual proof backing it up, calling them out on their bluff publicly and loudly usually does the trick. Especially if it’s to the manager. No use yelling at someone who can’t do anything about it.


I’m trying to avoid that. I need to know how the system works because I need to be able to call them out on this shit. If I’m going to make a scene then I need to know my shit. Or an area manager number.

And this is why I need to have some one who works at best buy to weigh in.


Back in the day I worked at Circuit City. The best advice I can give you is to skip the manager and go straight to their “cool line” or hot line or whatever they call it. Basically its their phone line that handles customer complaints. I would also ask to speak to the District Manager immediately. Skip the small fry and go right for the jugular. Show them you mean business quickly.


Even the online service is not that great, they would still give you trouble because of the serial number alone. speaking directly to management they might say you stole it. so the xbox isnt showing up at all in thier systems?

the only thing best buy does right is keeping the facility clean…and women…everything is overpriced


bb sale system actually will not allow you to buy a video game console without a serial number.


Seeing as how their stuff is overpriced as hell, does Best Buy pay their employees more, as well?


Best Lies customer service is horrible…Same goes to the phone operator from India…Either they hire really good liars or just stupid people who dont know what they are doing. I’ve always had horrible service when i have to return something from Best LIes. Its usually not worth the hassle as you never win.

I still buy from them though as their prices are decent on sale items. You just roll the dice if ever you have to return it.

Only other option is sell it on ebay/craigslist & take a small loss…


Its amazing to me…I worked at BB twice, and I worked from the eyes of a customer - its why I got letters written about me, but with all my dealings, I haven’t seen any of the negative conotation that everyone here bitches about. I’m sorry if you go to ap lace enough your going to find bad apples, it doesn’t matter if its BB, Cc, Walmart, where ever, its not the employees or the organziation - its the PERSON.

In regards to price, no things there aren’t over priced - ,will be able to beat the price in store somewhere else? Maybe - sometimes, but people get internet pricing which is being sold from a non brick and mortor store and try and compare the extremely low overhead systems with the actually tangiblly priced locations. Cables and what have you are marked up a little mroe than other stores because those are the high margin - actually try and make money off of items. Regardless, the BB flaming feels way over the top to me. but whatever a person is smart peopel are dumb.

In regards to the issue 1) the hospital is dumb. 2) Thats real nice of you to donate a 360 to the kids. 3) If they didn’t scan the S/N then the only people who can really veto the system are going to be mid and upper management. My ‘assumption’ is that you tried talkign to a manager about it…if you haven’t - then step one would be to talk with the manager. They can pull up your receipt in the system, and they’ll see the console, and if they didn’t scan the barcode ANYWAY, then there is no real argument to be made, scan the SKU and so long as it matches - there is NO reason for them to not except the 360 back. At that point, if they are still giving you lip service about it (which should be doubtful), then I’d simply call customer service about the issue and explain that the person at the register did not scan the barcode so now they won’t take the 360 back even though its still sealed and the SKU matches.

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