Does anybody know the easiest way to properly combo into HHS(Hundred Hand Slap) on a xbox controller

Please only just answers. I don’t wanna hear “PLAY ON A STICK”<br>I’ve played on a xbox controller ever sine vanilla and I play on friends stick time to time but when i’m playing at home i play on pad cause its all i got. so show a video or just tell me setups for hundred hand slaps on jump ins and just on the ground.<br>

I’d say that the proper way to do it on a pad would be to buy one with 6 face buttons, then use your right hand as if using the buttons same as a stick.  After you’re doing that, just hit jab strong fierce jab fierce with pointer, middle, ring, pointer, ring.<br><br>If you’re insistent upon using standard xbox controller, I’d say have the face buttons X and Y be jab and strong and RB as fierce.  From there: <br>Slide your thumb from jab to strong.<br>Release your thumb from the face buttons as you tap RB.<br>Hit your preference of the face buttons, jab or strong but not both.<br>Hit RB a second time.<br><br>The actual answer is, of course, buy a stick.  If you play on stick with your friends it’d be worth the investment to get the same equipment to practice with at home.  The layout of punches on top, kicks on bottom, with weaker attacks to stronger attacks ascending toward the right makes <i>much</i> more sense on an arcade style layout, be it 6 face button pad or on a joystick…<br>

thanks for the info<br>

This is the easiest way to do hands on pad and imo the easiest way to do hands stick or pad.<div><br></div><div>Map all the punch buttons to the face</div><div>A - MP</div><div>X - LP</div><div>Y - HP</div><div>B- MK (optional tho having it there makes doing cr mk hands easier)</div><div><br></div><div>Now simply place your thumb over the left side of the face buttons and starting on LP (x) roll your thumb X Y A X Y -(lp-hp-mp-lp-hp),start on B for cr mk hands.</div><div><br></div><div>The trick of getting this down is learning to avoid the B button as you do it, i came up with this setup myself and within a couple of days i could do hands pretty much 100%.</div><div>The motion is also much less taxing than pianoing/sliding or using the shoulder buttons on the pad.</div><div><br></div><div>If you practice this there is no reason you should have any difficulty doing hands. Hands to Hands is pretty easy too doing it this way if you can get the timing down.</div><div>There isn’t a honda combo i can’t do on this setup including the stuplidly hard ex ones (using LB as PPP and tapping it as you finish the motion).</div><div><br></div><div>Your not limiting yourself playing honda on pad at all,just have to learn a different way. Watch this <a href=“”>video</a>.</div><div><br></div><div><br></div>

Listen to Stev0, greatest pad Honda ever.
My brother in law uses this same setup and hits hands more reliably on pad than i do on a stick. He doesn’t even own the game, just plays when he comes over…