Does anybody know the tiers for samurai showdown 5?

Thinking about getting this tommorow on xbox anybody famailar with it because I’ve been out of the loop since ss4? Thanks in adavance.

Just pick someone you like and learn how to use them. Shortcuts like tier-whoring take the fun out of fighters.

Man I just want to know if ukyo and hanzo are still the truth

Ukyo fa sho…Hanzo…dunno…

online you can just button bash your way to victory with mina. Did it over kaillera, its a fucking bullshit game

Long story short

Yunfei runaway

Mina runaway
Nako sisters(Rera>Nako>>>Rimu)

IIRC Charlotte is near top, everyone else has gimmicks that don’t get them extremely far, or just loses hard to these above. I may be wrong tho, I stopped playing this since SS0S came out.

Yoshitora and Yunfei. Everyone else sucks.

And lol @ this. Chirstie and Eddy are cheap, too, right?

Yep they summed it up best right there…Yunfei is a helluva lot better in SSV…lol…Think of Storm…

Yoshitora…safe mixups into whatever the hell he wants…lol

Thanks man, what is it that makes ssvs so much better, beause it was confirmed today that the xbox port of ssv has Zankuro, Amakusa, and Mizuki would you guys say that this almost evens the playing field between the two game’s or is the balance of gameplay just that much better in special and also how does sstenka
compare to special thanks in advance.

Where does my boy Hoahmaru fall ?

If the XBox port has those three then it’s a port of SS0S, in which case with the char nerfs and additions the tiers are WAY different. I’ll post up later.

Girl with the arrows is well broken. Best keep away character I’ve ever seen. Unblockables too, it’s madness.

Iiirc, SSV is broken and SSVS is a little less broken, so people prefer SSVS. I could be wrong, but I always see people complaining SSV is broken.

So if I get this game and play on Live, will I be playing against the same 2 or 3 characters or will I see variety?

Hmm, I can’t say since I’ve never played human oponents before. I don’t know, I guess you’d see a bit of veriety. A lot of characters can compete but there is, like always, those obvious top few who stand above the rest. I find SS to have that “I play with who I like” thing going on for it more than other games, from what I’ve read anyways.

Cool I’m looking foward to it.

Whaaat? Girl with the arrows gets owned for free by anyone with have a brain and an ability to block.

Special I’ve never heard much about being broken. 5 has issues with Yoshitora and Guy Storm, though.

@Saotome Kaneda
Hanzo Top :confused: , never in SSV or SSVSP … He only has foot speed a good j.AB and that’s it. His combos, supers and damage potential in generel isn’t that good. His fireball/throw/run attack mix up game is also pretty bad compared to older SS incarnations of him. However you forgot Galford in the Top. In SSV (not SSVSP!) he was a very good char, thx to his speed and good recovery of the nice Poppy tricks (like throwing out Poppy from above and right afterwards Replica attack from behind or run kick/throw) and c.A Slashes. He had also other little things, like don’t needing his super and getting a lot of concentrationbar thx to this …

Btw guys, SSVSP is one of the best 2D fighters in the last years and not as broken as people say it is.^^

Earthquake ftw.

He isn’t even in the game.:sweat: The discusion is about SSV …

Is that why the game sucks, or is it something else? :rofl: