Does anybody know what happened at the Ultimate SF Panel?

Is there a way I can find out?

I was there, it was pretty cool. Fist off, there was four good cosplays I noticed, a Ken, a Ryu, a Chun-Li and a kickass M. Bison. There was a guy from Capcom there who introduced all the other guys, including reps from Blockbuster, Nubytech (arcade stick people), Udon, Sota Toys, Score (the people making the card game) and Manga Ent. Nothing really new was reported, Nubytech showed off their wares, including there next line of controllers, Evil Ryu, Sagat, Blanka and Cammy (I think). They come in cool leather boxes with street fighter batteries (!!!). Udon updated that Street Fighter II (the comic) will pick up where Street Fighter left off, and will very soon catch up with Street Fighter II the game. Sota showed off some toys, and gave the lineup of the next seires (which I forget). Score talked about their new card game called EPIC BATTLES (I think). Anyways, it’s character based and has charas from Street Fighter AND Mortal Kombat (!) Street Fighter 4 was mentioned by a fan, to which Capcom simply replied with, “Something is in the works…” Curious… Manga Ent showed a half-baked trailer for Street Fighter Alpha Generations and said it’ll be out in October, which is STREET FIGhTER MONTH… (I forget why). It takes place before Street FIghter Alpha (the anime) and is the history of Akuma. I wanted to ask about the LRGames pen-and-paper RPG, but there was no time. Anyways, that’s about it; this is cyberakuma13 signing off.

Ah, good to hear somehting about SF4. Play Magazine’s been hinting that Capcom was up to something for about a year now, but last time all they said was “SF4 was in the cards at one point, who knows.” Though it would be nice to get some concrete info on the subject.

The new SFZ(Alpha) Anime is a prequel to the other one? But, Sakura’s in it and Ryu has a red headband. Oh well Manga Video still thinks the SFZ Anime is a sequel to SF2V when the two have nothing to do with each other. Maybe this new Anime will be both a prequel and a sequel full of flashbacks and such?

Anyway, thanks for the report!

You would think with the presence of Udon on comics, Sota on figures. Capcom would see this time or the near future to release a game in conjunction with these two great companies that support such an honored franchise

SF4 has been in development since 1999. That’s nothing new. The stuff about The controllers in really interesting. It’s a good thing I have a new job. I’m gonna be broke by Christmas. Thanks for the updates.

i want that sagat controller w/ street fighter brand batteries =D

Umm…to clarify, they did not say SF4 was “in the works” just that “something” was. Sorry if my wording made it sound that way. And IF SF4 was in production in '99 (which I doubt) I don’t think it is anymore. Let’s hope I’m wrong. :slight_smile:

Ikeno and Shinkiro (sp?) were signing Eternal Challenges at the Udon booth today, that was neat. Also, I’m not sure if it’s anywhere else, but they were showing off a new Street Fighter Arcade Cabinet that could play a billion different SFs, but I forget exactly which ones. Happy to report.

You’re probably thinking of the Anniversary Edition cabinet. From what I remember, it basically plays all of the SF2’s and Alphas.

It’s also $3000.

But if you have the money, great. I’d do it in a heartbeat.

I wasn’t At the SDCC but what i read from the Snk-capcom boards about the SF4 is that a

the source:

So udoneko, is this true? becuase it could be that art battle contest you did with Mark Brooks a few months back only better. :tup:

Don’t know abut the part but Pimp Willy conformed the SF4 talk was real in the last post of this link.

Was anyone recording this panel discussion in some kind of way? I’d like to know exactly what was said word for word on everything at the panel myself.

EDIT: If the being asked for SF4 ideas thing is true, so it has some legitimacy Udoneko, Majestros, or Mr. Wizard please start a thread on it like Treiu did when Capcom asked snk-capcom (supposedly) for vs. opinions. All though I fear what some of the ‘brilliant 900 character’ posts will be like but now we have an out. Anyone with stupid ideas like Megaman in SF4, Premium Members, you know who to Neg Rep… :badboy:

What I was saying was, "How do we know Capcom hasn’t spen the last five year brain-storming ideas or playing around with code and graphics and concepts just to see what works? Isn’t brain-storming ideas one of the earliest stages in game development? And dosen’t it take years(sometimes) from the first brainstorming session to even begin “actual production”? "How do we know they haven’t reverse-engineered the code for all of the past games to see what could be done to make a better game in the future? We don’t. I doubt they haven’t at least THOUGHT about the franchise and what could be done next. It was almost a decade from 2 to 3.

And that arcade cabinet thing sounds cool! I really want something like to play.

Street Fighter II : 1991
Super Street Fighter II Turbo : 1994
Street Fighter III : The New Generation : 1997

If you count from last “real” version of SFII and the first version of SFIII, you only get a 3 year gap. (a gap where two Street Fighter Alpha games were released) To me, three years isn’t a decade…

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike : 1999
Today : 2005

Now, we’re talking about a 6 year gap where no single Street Fighter title was released. (aside from the horrible SFEX3, that is) This is different. I’m losing faith.

Actually, I think I remember something being mentioned about having idea, post them on This came from Erik Ko, though, not capcom, but he seems to be working closely with them. Hell, he would answer questions for capcom better than they could themselves!

Sounds interesting.

Hmm…no one told me SNK-Capcom was open again…what the heck happened?! I wasn’t informed of anything…tch!

I was there and it’s true that Erik mentioned SRK as a place to post SF4 gameplay ideas, but i don’t think it was an urgent call for input. The impression that i got was that Erik meant that if there were to be another SF game, the storyline thing would not be an issue. He said something like “Share your ideas if you have technical suggestions about how the game will play, not story ideas.” I think the they’re just tired of getting endless story suggestions.

He did mention that they are open for SF4 gameplay (not storyline) suggestions, so i made a suggestion at the convention that they include an in-game tutorial mode. People need to be taught how to find a character’s poke button, how to find a quick close-range button to set up and counter throws, why it’s a bad idea to jump, how fireballs should be used, how to defend, how to attack and so on and so forth. None of these things are easy, and it’s gotten to the point where the only way to learn SF is to talk to someone who knows SF. As a game, SF is a hundred times more complicated than DMC3. Capcom felt the need to put help messages in DMC3, so why not SF? I said that if Capcom was unwilling or unable to build such a tutorial, there are lots of us players that would do it damn near for free.

Granted, the Q&A session was almost over when i mentioned this stuff and everyone was rushing to get out, but Erik’s reply was that “It’s not that simple to do things like that … they don’t just appear.” To me, it suggested that they were nowhere near far enough into game development to consider ideas like that.

The bottom line is that when Erik mentioned SRK as the place to post ideas, he meant it in a “please go through the appropriate channels” sort of way.

I want SF4 as much as anyone here. However, with only a couple of months to go before they have to launch 272392734098234 different SF products at once, i think this is a bad time to bug Erik about SF4. So i vote that we let him show up and clarify what he meant about “accepting SF4 suggestions” before we start making 90-page threads about Dante vs Gill’s Secretary.

In the meantime, if you have SF4 suggestions, take a minute to write them down in a notepad. Refine them until you’re sure you’ve simplified and developed them as much as possible. I’ll bet anyone here $100 that 95% of the people at Capcom barely know how to play SF, let alone have a deep enough understanding of the gameplay to balance a fighting game. I’ve been playing and analyzing the series for years and i still would have no idea where to start. So everyone needs to think twice before they request Alpha Counter Roman Cancels and Mel Masters One-Punch-of-Doom Assist and bonus stages where you beat up the annoying little kid from the SFA anime.

Personally, i would just ignore the whole SF4 thing until we have something more substantial to go on.

Focus on this instead:

Coolest thing ever:

Someone needs to find a clean version of that poster so i can use it as my desktop wallpaper.

Fair enough. And Dante will destroy Gill’s entire organization. :devil:

It’s not like even those of us that knew knew. They never told us why snk-capcom shut down in the first place or why it came back. I wish they would level with us. I feel what they did was hurtful to their members and we deserve an explanation. But we ain’t getting one and maybe their reasons are legit so life goes on.

On the flip side Manga Qwest, the site that was scanlating the Ryu Final Manga came back. Hopefully they’ll start up translating the Ryu Final Manga soon. See, you weren’t left out in the dark on that one at least. :karate:

I don’t recall this bit in Trieu’s custom title prior to the mysterious closing: “R.I.P. W.B. Simmons”, so that might be some explanation. :party:

I think having a pool of moves to choose from would be great for the next SF. Something like SFIII but not… you could potentially have two supers and a two specials or all specials and no supers or something. :encore:

As I posted on the other thread, all I want for SF4 is another good solid game.

They don’t need to and shouldn’t be trying to reinvent the wheel.