Does anybody know what the Characters say when they have there little grudge?

I know this is way off subject for the people who are really looking for strats but it has been troubling me since i starting playing the game…WTF are they saying!!!
I dont get why Rugal throw a dam repukan at guile and what bison is saying to iori…
if anybody can give me any insight on any of the characters little diolauge i will very happy…im sorry if i am wasting anybodys time if there hard at work trying to get any strats!!!

I suppose you could go to* and find it their. I think Yama calls Terry, Andy.

*, if for some reason you didn’t find it out yourself. :confused: im not sure if your trying to insult me by that or if your really trying to help me:) well either way i guess ill check the site out if its a real one…

Here’s the Balrog (boxer) quotes for your handy reference:

Third message from the bottom.

lol…i always thought Balrog said “I got laid!!!”:smiley:

i don’t know, but this is what i know!

Guile’s taunt: C’mon Pussy
Dhalsim intro: suck mah dick
Geese intro: you cannot escape…prom dress!

LOL!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Aww man that was some funny shit…i always thought dhalsim said “Salami”

I don’t know but i think its better not knowing, like The Yamazaki Chun Li intro. The simple fact that I have no idea who that guy is or why Yamazaki felt the need to literally spank him just makes it a great intro. And its not like you can understand the english in this game either, its like they decided in every characters speach there would be some incosistant lack of vowels. I mean they mispronounce every word just not in the same way as they mispronounced the previous ones.

Zangief: I shall party later!
Kyo vs Iori:

Kyo: My flame is red.
Iori: Ha, mine is purple.
(3hours later)
Kyo: Mine is still red.
Iori: Mine is still purple.



Good won.

Yun vs. Chun-Li

Chun-Li: Ha, make sure go easy on me.
Yun: Let me see your ass.
Chun-Li: What?

Rugal vs. Guile

Rugal: See this statue, its a gift from me to you.
Guile: Sonic’a’Poop
Rugal: (Bitch) Repoopken

that was a really good one
to me it sounds like King says after she wins is “DONT U KNOW IM A GUY”

I always thought that Honda said when the puts up his thumb “You’re the monkay!”

And his Headbutt, “Too sweet!”

but the best one in the game bar-none is when Zangief and Raiden are about to fight. “Argggghh, You are Dead Me.” :smiley:

Oh yeah and also when Ken stands up in the beginning of the match he speaks spanish. He says “Moreno Le Vantase” Makes more sense when going against balrog.

Also Haohmaru when he does his Uppercut. “COME GET CHU SOME!”

A better one with Geese is

“I will stain my Hands… with your butt”

Supposedly when Zangief or eagle has an intro against rock the both check him out because they are both gay.

The person yamazaki hits in his chun li intro is Hon-Fun from Fatal Fury. Hon-Fu is a chinese cop who is always trying to find Yamazaki. Since Chun-Li is a chinise cop capcom put it in there.

As for Guile Rugal. Rugal puts people he beats into statues. The reason he shows it on the guile intro is because in capcom story lines guile almost always is the one who actually takes the bosses out. And since rugal is the big SNK boss it all sort of fits toeghther. The one I don’t get is the Evil Ryu or Ryu vs. Vice one.