Does anybody know what this game is?


I am just trying to figure it out?

It was in this video at 2:48


Looks like a Melty Blood game, but with Karin and Honda?

I dunno. Probably some creation made possible by MUGEN.




M.U.G.E.N - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Customizable fighting game which basically allows you to create your own fighting game and characters. There are also a lot of premade characters that you can import, which, I’m guessing is what they did with Honda and Karin.


Was responding to OP with a guess. Don’t know what MUGEN was doing at ECT. :rofl:


Pretty Crazy though. I want to use this Mugen sometime.


I know a few friends who have tried it and tinkered with it and laugh at how broken they can make certain characters.

100% damage fireballs even on block? If you were gonna do that, might as well just have X be the win button. :rofl:


So that’s where they got their ideas for LVL3XF Dark Phoenix…


Definitely Mugen. Akuma’s 3S backgrounds sans a 3S character.


looked crazy. I <3 Gouki’s stage!