Does anybody know where I can get a TE wire compartment flap?

The door that holds my TE wire inside of the compartment broke a couple months ago, and at first it wasn’t really to annoying but now I can’t stand it lol. Is there any place I could get this part? Lol its literally a piece of plastic, but i want it replaced lol

can’t you call madcatz and ask for a replacement? I might be senile but im pretty sure that was an option.

Just like I told ya, ken. :razzy:

Do you still have the pieces? Loctite superglue if done right can make for a rock solid and clean connection.

Anyway, i always thought the flap/compartment thingy was nigh-useless due to how small the space is. They couldn’t have made it a tad bigger? You really have to fold & cram the wire back in juuuust right to get it all to fit.

Who the hell goes through that kinda trouble? I prefer to just leave the cord out…

I emailed MadCatz and they mailed me one. No more taping the door shut!

Do I email or is there another email address that I should be contacting?

I looked at my email history and I used a form on their website to message them, then they replied through e-mail.