Does anybody know where to buy arcade video games in Japan?

I never been to Japan before and my friend is going this month. I’m assuming Tokoyo. So while he’s there I want him to get me an old arcade game. Not the machine just the game. He told me that he won’t look for it and he has to tell me what store.

Right now I’m looking for a Naomi GD rom for Guilty Gear Accent Accore. I already have the system. All I need is the GD rom and the security key it comes with. I already have the system.

Is there a store or stores in Japan where u can just walk in and buy it?

If yes can I please get the names of these stores?

Thank you :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for any game that’s not current gen, it’s not as easy as just walking in and buying it. First of all your best bet for finding it would be somewhere in Akihabara. There’s a bunch of old video game shops that specialize in retro and classics, but they’re all humongous, and not every employee there is going to know for sure if they have it. The best they can do is direct you to which floor/display they would have Naomi games on, and from there you have to do a bit of searching.

I did a simple Google search, and found that the best shops in Akihabara for arcade gaming are called Mak Japan and G-Front. Good luck.

Thank you. I’ll inform him to go to Akihabara. Sounds like it would be a fun place just to visit if you’re into arcade games.

Yeah, you should be able to walk into any of the following shops and buy it (seems pretty common):


Mak Japan



i was acyually wondering the same thing. My brother is stationed in Iwakuni for the next 6 months…

As for Akibahara… well, i had to restrain myself as i was running out of luggage space when i was there last november! it’s a great place for games new and old!

Mak Japan and G-Front are where I usually get my stuff. They’re not too easy to find if you’re new to Akihabara, but [media=youtube]HVLS-iz1dSc"[/media] is a good tutorial on how to go to those places.

sorry for hijack your topic, but anyone know where to buy online mushihime futari and dodonpachi pcb for cheap price? i dont mind bootleg. thanks

So if I get a bunch of games from Japan, how is exporting them back to the US handled? Is it expensive? Like if I get like a bunch of stuff that has to be in boxes?

If you only buy a small amount of goods that can fit into your carry-on or checked baggage, there’s no special procedure. You just put it in your bag and take it back home.

If you’re purchasing large amounts of goods, you will need to ship it to yourself through UPS or another international service, and that can be costly. If it’s over 70 kilograms in weight, it will need to be shipped via freight, which also adds to transit time and cost. UPS has a handy shipping time and cost calculator if you want to figure it out for your specific case.