Does anybody play street fighter on zbattle anymore?

I’ve gone on spme breaks but end up coming back. Anyways if you were a regular there you probably knew who I was (I use this same SN there)

anyhow wtf happened to everyone? Sai, atmos, mokura, centrion? where the hell are you guys I miss you :sad:

there is one new player (unless he’s centrion in disguse or some1 else…I wouldn’t be surprised :rofl: ) who’s pretty skilled, and I haven’t even seen him these days:sad: …screen name=xcution.

And if you’re in Kaillera gtfo there it’s too laggy in there:arazz:

hope you guys come back!

hey I’m interested in trying Street Fighter on zbattle, I just gave you a PM with my AIM, let me know if you feel like playing sometime

my aim is red impact87

I got some of the guys i used to play with there but they are never online…if anybody is interested let me know, I’m always willing to play a few games as long as it doesn’t lag.

Are you serious? Everytime I turn on ZBattle it’s flooded with SSF2 requests and games. Maybe you’re joining at the wrong times, or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


Atmos disappeared like almost a year ago. Haven’t seen him in AGES. Don’t even know what became of the guy. :confused: I’ve seen Centrion around, although not that recently. I still see DGV every so often, though. You should play him if you haven’t yet - you’ll have diarrhea.

The SSF2 scene is still quite active, though. There are even some people playin Alpha 2 (much to my surprise).

Last time I saw DVG it was on Kaillera…I haven’t seen them in about 2 years now.

@goten: what times are you playing? If I log on it’s usually afternoons and midnight@eastern time

Ah, I’m usually checking for games in the morning, afternoon and evening. Late nights on weekends and Fridays. I mostly see a lot of SSF2 action in the morning, though.


Hi, im new to this board… I play ssf2 almost daily on zbat and always up for a game, msg me on AIM: disgyzdfrmdaskyz