Does anybody still play Fighter's History Dynamite?


I’m getting into this game a lot now,just wondering if anybody plays this online


I can play a basic Lee, you know where I’m at. =)


We’ll have to get some matches in Josh. Also in FFS. I have to redeem myself after getting owned at Final Round haha


this game was never ported to psx/ps2 was it?

i played it once in an arcade in ATL long time ago.



Never got ported. 'Tis a shame. I wish Atlanta still had some worthwhile arcades.

So I’m guessing nobody plays then?


I play! I saw you asking in #srksnk a few days ago but I was away and didn’t see it until after you started playing Josh in Breakers or something :frowning:


Well then lets play sometime man. If I see you on I’ll ask you directly



I play FHD. Great game. There actually is a home port of it for the Sega Saturn in Japan. I dont know how good of a port it is though.


I like this game too but sigh I’m not good at it :sad:


The port seemed fine to me when I tried it out. I also play this game and Clown is my main but I can use most of the cast also.


I’ll be hosting in GW some evenings if anyone wants to play.


I just played this on 2DF…its a bad ass game…