Does anybody still play vanilla sf4?

Just wondering if anybody still plays vanilla anymore? I’m getting Internet in a few months and was just wondering if there’s anybody that plays vanilla on psn?


not really, just get super on amazon, its like 20 bucks. Super Street Fighter IV: Playstation 3: Video Games

on PSN? Doubt it.

PC? Yeah.

I have vanilla and super…unlocked all characters in vanilla, got all gold medals in the trials, and completed all the character trials for both of them…just wondering if anybody played vanilla so that I could unlock the rest of the titles and icons

I still play it to practice footsies.

Nice I’ll add u in the future then lol I just hope that when I create a lobby on vanilla that I won’t be searching for someone for hours

ive played it recently (though on xbl) and some people play it still. just keep in mind, these people are extremely bad at the game. like worse than the mind can possibly imagine

I have a friend that still plays Vanilla, because he doesn’t have Uber. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still play vanilla, but it’s on the iPhone, so I suppose that doesn’t count. Still, I like vanilla on the iPhone better than Super on the PS3. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sagat players.

I played in a vanilla tourney just about a month ago. I hope it will be the last I play in.

sagat players

You guys often forget, there are other places in the world besides America.

G-G-G-Generalizations let’s go!

you can probably get it for even less used. it’s cheaper then dropping quarters by a lot now.

SF4 is not a classic, it got superseded by the next game. Similarly, SSF4 will be superseded by Street Fighter vs Tekken as soon as it comes out.

I have both vanilla and super but no Internet to play online…I was just wondering if there’s still people that play vanilla on psn so that I can finish my icons and titles because they’re all I need…I’ve already finished all the character trials for both and survival/time attack with all gold…I need all my online titles/icons to get

I still have a couple people I play with on pc, mostly cause SSF4 never got released on pc, for shame. SSF4 is dirt cheap nowadays anyway.

Oh i see. Yeah that kind of sucks with updated games if you missed out on getting all of the achievements.

I’d play it if I could find it.