Does anybody still play vanilla sf4?

I still play on LIVE and PSN, there are actually more people than I thought were still playing, although there are more on Live, it usually takes a few seconds between fights where as in PSN takes longer to find one

So how long does it usually take you to find ppl on psn to fight?

well let’s say LIVE about 4 TO 6 seconds and PSN about 10 to 20 seconds, now this is not everyday its just generally takes longer to play, 1 more thing I noticed is that on PSN when the fight is over and the records screen appears it also takes longer to go away

I’m pretty sure console SFIV is practically dead, but PC SFIV is alive and well since SSFIV isn’t on PC.

I still play Vanilla on XBL. I’ve been close to unlocking all the characters and doing all the trials. Plenty of people still online.

how are you posting this if you’re getting internet in a few months?

thanks man…i thought that it would take 5-10 mins to find a match…this gives me hope!

through the power of iphone and school computers!!lol

I tried vanilla after a year, and everyone was playing as Sagat, Ryu and Ken.