Does anybody Still sell Hori's (non silent) Kuro buttons?


Someone I know asked me to replace a broken button on a Hori Fighting Stick 3. After googling, it seems hori doesn’t have them in the shop anymore and “sold out” everywhere else. The only place I found that had the silent version (only in a set of 8) was arcade shock. Luckily I remember I kept the buttons from someone asking me to replace the stock buttons from their Fightstick Alpha with Sanwa Buttons. (I think they’re the same buttons at least). I was just wondering. Are the buttons still sold individually (or in packs) anywhere without the stick? (or if their microswitch isn’t developed inhouse what microswitch they use?)


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i have a set of 8 for sale if you’d like. PM me pls


Paradise shop was one of the places i tried. The link you gave. “product is out of stock” Hence what i said in the original post. “sold out everywhere else” did you even bother to check?

I don’t need them because the person was fine having a mismatching sanwa button. But the next time I need one i doubt you’d still have that set of 8 (unless you keep a bunch in stock) which is why i was asking of anyone still sold them, or if they’ve been discontinued except for being included in hori’s own products.


I think Hori has moved on to the Hayabusas completely now given that the opinions on Kuros were so mixed to negative. Even HRAP 4 Kais have been revised and all units I’ve seen at EBGames and A&C have Hayabusa buttons now. I think (keyword) the microswitch that the Hayabusa uses is the same as the Kuro ones since a lot of complaints were about the button housing (squeaky plastic, sharp edged plungers, etc.) rather than the switch itself, but don’t quote me on that.