Does anybody uses square push buttons?

Or do they even exist?

pick one




Thanks, but I meant if anybody have a custom arcade stick with square push buttons

why on earth would anyone do that? It would be fugly, and the buttons wouldn’t be as good as the obsf’s anyway.

Well the unique benefit of going square is that you can make the button layout very compact (which I like).

Not necessarily. The bevel isn’t going to allow for that I don’t think. It’ll be the same as a circle.

They would work great for a keyboard stick. Would be a lot closer in feel to what the keyboard users are used to than a round button.

you read my mind.

Does anybody uses triangle push buttons?

Or do they even exist?

I’m going to go ahead and respond to everything in this thread with


How come? This is so interesting. I’m looking into purchasing a square, triangle and a star shape button for my new stick :slight_smile:

Get the Heart and Egg ones too.

does anybody use octagon pushbuttons?

or do they even exist?

does anybody use octagon pushbuttons?

or do they even exist?

I’d like to see a stick done up with square pushbuttons. I was thinking about that this weekend after seeing all of the stupid machines out in Vegas.

And giant, palm sized red dome buttons.

Someone mod a powerpad.

Although technically if you were to use triangle buttons you could fit them into interesting shapes to take up less space thus making a very compact fight stick

just food for thought

What I want to see is someone who uses 4 buttons for up/down/left/right, and 2 sticks for the button inputs. Of course purists will use a 2-way gate on the 2nd stick.

tbh i just play sf4 with a mouse and click on butoons in the true ipod sf4 style . . .

Yes, yes it would

You could even do start and select to the left and right of the ‘up’ button for the uber compact controller.

Not that I’d ever want to play on it, but its a neat idea.