Does anybody wanna buy a TE for PS3?

Hey , everybody does any of you guys wanna play a TE for ps3 for $150 , so just comment here in this thread if you wanna buy it or just email me at

Thank you , EXCobra

This belongs on the trading forum, and you must have been a member for 6 months and have a certain number of posts. Also the price is more than new from some places.

My bad for the wrong thread to put in topic

Doesn’t matter, you haven’t been a member of this site for 6 months and don’t have enough posts. You aren’t allowed to sell anything.

its only 99$ brand new. So you might wanna lowered it lol

Gigazord you can shut up , it doesnt make sense by saying a guy cant sell shit because he is barely a member

It does make sense because if you’ve been here long enough then we know you’re not trying to scam people

Who said I am going to scam

Regardless, there are rules here that people must adhere to. If you don’t like it, eBay is right over there. So is craigslist.

Thank you scuz like you dont like my deal , go somewhere else

  1. To use the trading outlet (sell or trade) you have to be with the site for at least 6 months, and have 50 posts. Failure to meet the requirement will result in a infraction or ban.

Now you’re just trolling when people are helping, seriously hope you get banned.

YOU need to go elsewhere.

okay get me banned

I dont know but w.e

Could a Tech Talk mod close/delete this please? Don’t bother moving it to Trading outlet I’ll delete it there anyway.

Good game

Yes go to the trading forum and read the sticky post about “rules” as to why you cannot try to sell stuff. The rule was put in place because people where desperate for hard to aquire TE’s back in the day and SRK was a big target for scammers. With the 6 month rule it weeds out many hit and run scammers and is intended for actual members of the participating online community here.


Lol at this topic. Pure genius.